Friday, April 13, 2012


I needed to make a phone call that would require my full, uninterrupted attention. So, like a Good Mom, I moved my kids' high chairs into the living room and put them in front of a DVD. Strapped in and distracted...that should do it, right? Nope, they're gonna get bored quick this way, I acknowledged.

 I know! Play-dough!

We'd gotten play-dough for their birthday and used it just a few times. Abbey and Luke both loved it. So I divided out the play-dough on their trays, reminded them not to eat it, and headed to my bedroom to have my phone conversation in peace.

I finished up rather quickly and came back out into the living room to find my cherubs smiling and playing happily in their high chairs.

And play-dough ALL OVER my house.

They'd made 7,520 play-dough balls, and hurled them in every direction.

Now to be fair, I'd never told them we don't throw play-dough, so they weren't in humongous trouble. It wasn't blatant defiance. But. I do feel like they are old enough and understand enough to have guessed that chucking play-dough in every direction was likely a no-no.

I told them so.

"We do NOT throw play-dough! It makes a BIG mess and can get stuck places which is very you understand?" They half-nodded and half continued to watch their DVD. I shut if off and asked them to look me in the eyes while I waxed on about how we only play with play-dough right in front of us, it's okay to roll it into balls, but not to throw them...yadda yadda yadda. I can't remember exactly what I said, but I'm quite sure they retained every word of it.

Normally we make them clean up (or at least help) any mess they make, but this was a delicate situation. There were play-dough landmines EVERYWHERE just waiting to be smooshed into my carpet and couches. So I cleaned off a portion of the couch, and picked them up and set them on it, with a strict warning to STAY PUT.

As I went about carefully navigating my living room while cleaning up, I saw Lucas slowly move towards the end of the couch.

"You need to stay on the couch" I sternly reminded him while I picked up ball #4,218.

He inched further.

I let it slide and kept going. Waiting to see if he was going to chose to obey or not.

He slllooowwwllly slid off the couch. And waited.

I stood up, walked over to him, picked him up, and carried him into his room.

"You didn't listen and obey Momma, so you are in Time Out" I said as I plopped him in his crib and walked out of the nursery.

I came back in the living room to find Abigail on the edge of the couch. We locked eyes.

I could see it in her face...the inner turmoil. Where did her loyalties lie? Abbey is a total Momma's girl who is usually devastated when I discipline her. But she also adores her brother.

Our stand off continued for a moment more before she gradually slid herself off the couch.

I walked over, picked her up, and carried her to her room.

"You didn't listen and obey Momma, so you are in Time Out" I repeated as I plopped her in her crib.

As I turned to leave, I heard Luke - just above a whisper say "hi sishter" and they both dissolved into a fit of giggles.

Luckily my back was turned so they couldn't see the broad smile across my face.

As much as I do not like being disobeyed, it made my heart swell to see them in it together.


Lauren said...

Okay, that is ADORABLE!

And Noah screams like I'm sawing his limbs off when he's in time out, so I am impressed. lol

stephanie said...

One of my favorite moments when Asher and Silas were toddlers was when I put Asher in time-out. He was maybe 2 1/2, so Silas was just over a year old. Silas climbed into Asher's crib and sat in time-out with him. So, so cute.

Amanda said...

That IS adorable. I so laughed at Luke's "Hi sister." and their fits of giggles. So it begins.....

Vanessa's Dad said...


They are so darn cute, ya can't stay mad at them... so you walk away... so they can't see that you are smiling. (But, they know)

The Twinadoes seem to bring out both the best and the not-so-best in each other. Full spectrum relationship.


Suzanne said...

Very cute story! It really is amazing how they are becoming best friends! Christopher has started becoming Kendall's "protector" at school. He IS the big brother by one whole minute. LOL!

the name's emily. said...

So precious!

Aunt Carol said...

I got such a kick out of this blog entry!

Love, Aunt Carol

Jen S. said...

What a story! Thanks so much for sharing, and for giving me a chuckle.

Family of 5 said...

This made me laugh and smile!! Not for you having to pick up the 7,000's of playdough balls though! :(
So often we too have to turn our heads to hide our smiles when they say something after being disciplined! xoxo

Laura said...

I love it when you can read their faces as they are trying to figure out if the time out is worth the few seconds of joy!