Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cuteness, YouTube style

We are big Toy Story fans in this house, and Sister is ridiculously in love with Jessie. We bought her this nightgown and she is obsessed with it. She wants to wear it every second of every day. We make her change out of it when we are going somewhere or to play outside and she always ask "wear Jessie when we get home?" 
The other day, upon returning home, she ran over, scooped it up, hugged it and said "Jessie! I so happy to see you!"

And really, if I had to pick a Disney Girl for our little girl to adore, a rough and tumble cowgirl is at the top of our list =).


Vanessa's Dad said...


I remember having my favorite JC Tiger shirt when I was a little kiddo in Junction City. The Tiger was the high school team mascot. I loved that shirt.


Jen S. said...

How cuuute! :)