Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lions and Tigers and Bears...oh my!

Yesterday we went with another Twin Momma friend and her Littles to the Zoo!

To say Abbey and Luke had fun would be a serious understatement. They had an absolute blast! And I had a blast watching them have so much fun =).

We'd only taken Luke and Abbey to the zoo once before - in December, for Zoo Lights - and they were only 19 months old, it was past their bedtime, and it was REALLY cold, so they didn't enjoy it as much as we'd hoped. 

But this time it was early-mid morning, sunny but breezy and they are almost 2 and 1/2, and it was a total success!!

(don't mind their facial expressions, I swear they were happy to be there!)

Checking out the big fish!

Six friends at the Zoo =)

Luke took it upon himself to meet this little girl. He walked right up to her and said "Hi, how are you?" 
Our little Ladies Man =).

I can hardly wait to go back! Hearing Abigail shriek with delight as she watched the penguins swim around was just about the highlight of my year. And listening to Luke recap over and over about how the "hippo wiggle his ear like dis (hand motions), he so silly!!!" nearly beats the penguin delight.

The kids had such a great time that they were worn out when we headed back home...I had to sing "I'm Bringing Home a Baby BumbleBee" at the top of my lungs over and over - complete with reaching behind me periodically to tickle legs - to keep them awake enough to get home and get lunch in them. I'm sure they crashed for nap time...I sure wanted to crash during my afternoon at work!


Vanessa's Dad said...

Unforgettable Family Fun... at the Zoo (a Simon & Garfunkle favorite)


Lauren said...

Sounds like lots of fun!!

Amanda said...

I love the picture at the entrance. Your smile is so big and full of hope and promise...and the kids...well, yeah, they looked ticked or too cool. Your commentary about Abbey shrieking with delight at the penguins and Luke mimicking the hippo's ear wiggle is priceless. Makes me want to find time for the zoo too. I've taken Cadence twice and both times she didn't seem to really "get it" the way I had hoped.

Jenna said...

Oh how fun! The twins look like they were having a blast!

Jen S. said...

What a super fun adventure! Looks like fun was had by all!! :)

Aunt Carol said...

"All the animals at the zoo are jumping up and down for you!" (That song was before you time, but your dad will remember it. Glad you had such a good time.

Love, Aunt Carol