Monday, July 23, 2012

Thoughts? Advice? Recommendations?

I want to make Luke and Abbey a little "chore chart" and I'm debating what some age-appropriate things to check off daily might be.

So far I've got:

-Brush your teeth
-Clean up toys before lunch, and dinner
-Be happy

We're toying with some sort of potty option also. So far, neither of them has shown a big interest in potty training, and I'm not in any hurry either. Sure, I'd love the "extra" money that not having to buy diapers would save us, but honestly right now I enjoy the freedom of being able to go where ever we want, whenever we want, without having to worry about accidents and such. We do have a potty seat, and they always try to go before bath each night, but that's about the extent of it. So we're thinking of maybe a "tried going potty" option or something?

Have any of you out there done anything like this with your 2.5 year olds? 

I'd love some suggestions.

As they get older, of course their chores will change. And although there may be small rewards associated with a full sticker chart at this age, I also believe most chores are to be done simply because you're part of the family, and it takes the whole family to make the house run well. 
I'm mean like that =).


Laura said...

Do either of them have a bad habit? Part of the house running well includes everyone having a good attitude. Also what about bed time pray? I know that this doesn't take a lot of effort on their part but it gets them into the habit of praying every night and they are never to young for that.

Stephanie said...

They can put their cup/ snack cups, etc., on the counter when they're finished with them. This sounds small, but it helps when picking up at the end of the day not to find random cups (or not find them - we've had more than one roll under the couch for indisclosed periods of time). And it's good practice for when they get older, to start clearing the table.

They can also "help" with laundry - either putting dirty clothes in the hamper, or by carrying clean clothes with you to their room to put away. Emmy loves to "help" put her clothes away now.

Another thing that may sound small (but matters so much when you have more than one child) is keeping up with their own things when they are out. I started with Asher at about 2 1/2 saying, "your shoes are your job," or "your blankets are your job" - meaning, he needed to keep up with them while we were out. Totally depends on personality as to how well this will actually work, but it is helpful for them to learn. And some kids actually can keep up with one "assigned" item on an outing like that. It definitely makes your life a lot easier, too, not to have to collect blankets/ cups/ shoes whenever it is time to leave.

Once Upon A Time said...

One of Sam and Anna's family contributions (chores) is to put their clothes in the laundry basket at the end of the day. They are pretty good at that, and they know it is their "job.".

Once Upon A Time said...

Also, I thought about our other expectations of Sam and Anna that could be considered "chores": they help us feed our dog, put their water cups/bowls in the sink when they are done with them, toss their garbage in the trash (with our help opening the child safety latch) like raisin containers or other wrappers, and obviously help clean up toys/books. I'm working on getting them to take off their own clothing with minimal assistance by request to get ready for bath time, and they also take off their shoes and put them where they go when we get home. Once the weather gets colder, I will also have them hang up their jackets on hooks near our door on their own (they are low enough that they shouldn't need help.)

Linda Lee Brown Ayers said...

You are spot on that everyone contributes as part of keeping the house running smoothly. Allowance can be paid for other things, but perhaps not doing chores. Kids that age would rather have a sticker anyway or you can make a chart where they "earn" a trip to the zoo, etc.

"Game Over" with potty training if you start too soon. I can give you 5 personal examples of ways to accomplish it or not. Sitting on the potty is great if they are already in the habit but don't expect them to be committed until they are ready.

I agree they can help clear the table and wipe down their chairs. Helping with laundry is also great.

Laura's comment about fixing what bugs you is perfect.

"Allow mom to take a blissful 1 hour nap while you play quietly" will most likely never make the list!

You are on the right track and doing an amazing job.
Love you, mom

Kaycee said...

We do putting clothes and pjs in the hamper when she changes clothes as a chore. Also brining her dishes over to the sink after meals and snacks. Her personal favorite is watering the plants with her little water can, she loves that she is helping us and if she spills a little it's just water and it will dry so I'm okay with it. :) As she has gotten older she can even fill up her water can at the sink herself now and she is so proud!