Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas at Aunt Kay's!

The 22nd was a buuusssyyy day for our family. But lucky for us it was the FUN kind of busy!

We started out the day with a 2+ hour road trip to my Aunt Kay's house to celebrate Christmas, Country-Style.

I think I've told you all before, going to celebrate Christmas up at her cabin holds many special memories for me.

This year, Aunt Mem and Auntie Natalie were able to be there with us!

We baked and decorated sugar cookies, a first for the twins but a long standing tradition for my sisters and I.

We opened some presents - always a hit.

Our Dory got to play with three new pals!

It was a day for the books...hence the blogging about it =).
My sister captured some beautiful pics as well.

After our fun there, we headed North about an hour and celebrated some of our favorite twin friends' 3rd birthday! No pictures - too busy partyin' it up =).

And then after that, we headed North even further and finally landed at Dave's parents for the night, to spend a few days there...those pics to come...

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Vanessa's Dad said...

Xmas traditions are so fun.