Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas Post #3

 Two and a half year olds are so so SO much fun to celebrate Christmas with! When you're too young to have a "wish list", you are THRILLED with anything! It was so cute to see our Littles be so happy with pajamas, and socks and new hooded bath towels. 

They were so adorable opening each package, "I wonder what's in here!" and "Hmmm there's somethin' in this one too!" and "Oh thank you Momma and Daddy, I love it!"


One of the most special things we did this year is take the kids separately to pick out sibling gifts. Dave took Lucas and I took Abbey. We talked with them about picking out something just for their sister/brother, something they would really like. 

Luke picked out a Minnie Mouse dress up doll with snap-on outfits (which she loved!) and Abbey picked out this yellow race car for her brother. It is loud and obnoxious, but try as I might to steer her towards anything something else in the toy section of Target, she was insistent that her brother would love that car.

She was right. 

 The hit of the morning was these Disney books that came with small toys and accompanying play mats. They have played with these steadily every day since!

What's a cowgirl without her horse?

Luke driving his new cars around anything and everything...

 We got a Family Gift of "Sesame Street Memory". Daddy was incredibly patient in showing Abbey and Luke how to play. They were patient through about two rounds of the game. We'll try again in a few months =).

I think that finally wraps up the Christmas posts =).


Aunt Carol said...

And I've enjoyed every one of them!
Thank you for sharing your Christmas with us.

Love, Aunt Carol

Vanessa's Dad said...

How fun to help Luke and Abbey buy Xmas gifts for each other. How sweet that they knew just what to get! One of the many benefits they will have for each other as they grow up.


M.Anderson said...

Those kidlets of yours make me want to pile into the car and drive to see you all right now! Drat these hectic schedules of ours! We are far overdue for a visit.

Jen S. said...

How sweet to take both kids seperately, and have them pick out a gift for eachother. That is just awesome, and so thoughtful. I ♥ that idea!

Looks like they love all of their wonderful gifts. How fun!

Amanda said...

Fun to see all your Christmas festivities. I especially enjoyed the cookie decorating tradition at Aunt Kay's and Abbey pushing the dog around like a baby in the doll stroller. That must have been hard to give in and let Abbey get that annoying noisy toy, but yeah, it was what SHE wanted to give her brother. And in the end it was perfect. I had a very similar experience with the gift Cadence picked out for her baby brother recently. Christmas is just extra special with little ones.