Sunday, April 6, 2014

Favorites at Four

Favorite Food: Macaroni & Cheese
Favorite Toy: Silver Surfer, Ironman, Hulk
Favorite Song: ABC & Sail 
Favorite Show: Ninja Turtles &Super Hero Squad 
Favorite Movie: Incredibles (and JackJack Attack) 
Best Friend: Mem  
Favorite thing to do: Play with Hulk   
Favorite color: Blue & Green    
Favorite thing about Daddy: He kisses me 
Favorite thing about Momma: Huggin
Favorite thing about Sister: fightin   (I truly believe he means play fighting/sparring!)
Favorite thing at Preschool: do dinosaurs  
When I grow up I wanna be: a baseball player 
Favorite thing about myself: Skating  
Favorite Lovie: Bear 
Favorite Clothes: My Spiderman clothes  
Favorite vacation: Mt Scott Pool  
Favorite Pajamas: Ninja Turtles  


Favorite Food:  Chicken and Rice
Favorite Toy: My horsey and my bunny
Favorite Song: No one, Glorious, and Heck & Trouble
Favorite Show: Garfield and Curious George
Favorite Movie:  Incredibles
Best Friend:  Isla and Charlotte
Favorite thing to do:  Play with my zoo
Favorite color:  Green and Pink
Favorite thing about Daddy: Hugging
Favorite thing about Momma: Kissin
Favorite thing about Brother/Sister:  Dancing
Favorite thing at Preschool: play with Isla and Charlotte
When I grow up I wanna be: Donut delivery (this stems from a Curious George episode ;) )
Favorite thing about myself:  Playing a puzzle by myself
Lovie: Whitey
Clothes:  my ice cream shirt
Favorite vacation: the hotel
Pajamas:  heart jammies


Linda Lee Brown Ayers said...

I LOVE how you documented their favorites!
It brought back a memory of how "simple" life was then.

When Emily was born, Vanessa was 19 months, and Natalie was 4 and I had just come back from a carpool trip, Fran Gardner from church came by and said "it will never be easier to parent than it is right now". I remember thinking she had lost it!! Her comment has stayed with me all these year because it was true. She said "you know exactly WHERE they are, WHAT they are doing,and WHO is influencing their behavior and language."
She was spot on! Hope this encourages you!
You are fabulous parents!!

the name's emily. said...

Luke said I was his best friend? :) Well, shucks. That boy.