Monday, April 28, 2014


Can we talk about my kids' hair in the above picture??
Let's start with Luke.
The boy is INSISTENT that he wants to grow it long. Now I know we are the parents and could just tell him No...but why? If that's something he feels strongly about (and believe me, he does) than it's not a battle I even care to enter.  It's in a bit of an awkward, shaggy phase right now, but I have high hopes it'll find a natural shape soon. And I also know the boy is gorgeous no matter what's on top of his head.
On to Abbey.
Her only experience with hair trims and cuts has been at the hands of her Momma.
Poor thing.
Normally I do just quick little trim-ups and they are such small changes that you barely even notice.
And then every once in awhile, she moves or flinches or SOMETHING happens and there is a cut made poorly. Recently I had a short section I had to even up, which resulted in bangs half way up her forehead. Oops. Luckily, like her brother, we breed 'em adorable in this family so some ill-shaped bangs can't even touch how gorgeous she is.
Anyway, we went to OMSI recently...

As Spring begins we've been getting out more and more, but it IS the Pacific NW, so we've still had plenty of inside shenanigans as well. I've been lousy at documenting our life here lately, so I thought I'd just post a bit about what we've been up to, so in ten years I can look back and remember how our days looked with two Four Year Olds =)
The kids got tons of new Play-Doh accessories for their birthday and have had lots of fun creating all kinds of things...

Sometimes when they weather is not great, I have to get creative on ways to let my kiddos get some energy out...
On this particular day, I pulled out our futon mattress and made a "slide" for them to jump down. Not sure what it did to the quality of the mattress, but it sure entertained my kids for an afternoon!

Complete with a giant pile of blankets at the bottom =)
Family Movie Night! It's getting so fun as the twins get older. It's nice to be able to really settle into a movie, and have all four of us enjoy nearly the whole thing!

As the weather starts to clear up, we've been enjoying some afternoons at one park or another...

Abbey took this picture...

And Luke took this one...

Our two little monkeys getting ready to head to "Mickey Mouse Day" at school... =)

The kids just love Preschool. It's been such a positive experience for both of them! It's only 2 and a half hours, two days a week, but it's been just the right amount so far.
Their little class has 24 kids and 3 teachers. They start the morning all together, and then break into groups of 8 for the middle of the morning, then everyone gets back together again. Well, Luke and Abbey have always been in the same group of 8. Early in the school year, the teacher started to put them in different groups one day and Abbey freaked out! She did NOT want her brother being in a different area! (David and I were both kind of surprised to hear this, as our two have never really been attached at the hip, and are usually just curious where the other one is but not usually even playing together). After that the teacher told them she would never put them in separate groups again until they told her they were ready.
Well last week they tried separate groups for a bit, and did great! They each asked about each other, but were fine to be in a different area.
Being a twin must be SO cool.

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Vanessa's Dad said...

Being opposite sex twins is really cool. Being a mom of Luke & Abbey is extra, miraculously cool (now), making the first year or so very much worth it.

Wonderful blog. You are all so blessed.