Thursday, June 12, 2014

Spring Program

In mid-May the twins' preschool had a Spring Program.
It was short and sweet. Well, more like ridiculously adorable.
The 3's class (which Abbey and Luke are in) and the 4-5 classes were all together for the evening, singing songs and having fun.

I asked the kids before we left if they were nervous to be up on stage.
"Nope" they replied in unison.

Their confidence sometimes blows me away.

(Are ya catching Abbey's pose here?!?)

(Okay, how about here?!? BabyGirl can sure play it sweet sometimes ;) )

This was right before Memorial Day, so the kids had a little thing for that...

...and then on to songs! Complete with hand motions, naturally.

After the performance was over, we had some cookies in the foyer and hung out with fun preschool friends.

The whole thing was about 45 minutes, which is just about right for 3,4, and 5 year olds =). They were so cute up there and really had a great time. I love that they are so comfortable there, and so confident in front of people. 
Preschool ended for the summer last week, and we're a little bummed around here. Luke and Abbey just loved school...which is such a blessing. We're planning on sending them back to the same school next year for the 4-5's class. Instead of 2 mornings a week like this year, they'll go 3. Still just 2 1/2 hours though. It's been just the right amount of time. I've loved having the time to run errands and clean house sans children. I've also loved just sitting on the couch, drinking coffee and reading blogs in an otherwise empty and silent house. But it's short enough that we still have lunch and the whole afternoon together. 
They had 24 kids in their class, and the whole class would start the morning together, and then divide into groups of 3 and rotate through different areas. So they gained experience learning in a large group setting, and smaller ones. There were 3 teachers and they were all so sweet and seemed to genuinely love their jobs...which blessed my Momma Heart =).

Abbey and Luke made friends, learned new things, and had so much fun. It was a great first introduction to school!

Oh, and back to the night of the Program... I was walking out with the twins and asked them to sit on the stairs and pose for just one picture for me. They sat down a foot from each other and gave me the obligatory-cheesy-forced-smile. I called them on it and then said "can ya please just scoot together, hug each other, and give Momma one real smile?"

And then they did this...

My babies. 
That picture is just so them. It really captures the dynamic of their relationship right now. 
And how much they really, really love each other.
I love that picture.

This one too...

...which is good, because right after that a fellow parent came up and said "why don't I take one of you with them?" And my kids did this...



nbrown said...

It's almost unfair how cute your children are.

I'm bummed I missed the performance, but totally looking forward to a private concert the next time I see you all.

Vanessa's Dad said...

I enjoyed the Saturday Post Graduation Party Performance in the fireside room stage.

Ya'll are adorable.