Saturday, June 21, 2014

Twice the celebration!

Last weekend was cause for double holiday at our house. Sunday was David's birthday and Fathers Day. So, we really had no choice but to (try) and make the day all about him =)
Luckily, we think he's pretty great, so it was fairly easy.

To help spread the festivities out a bit, the kids and I baked cookies and surprised him at work on the Friday prior.
Luke and Abbey passing out cookies to Daddy's students...

Then we stuck around for a bit, and the twins got to see what Daddy is like as a teacher...

On Sunday we let Dave sleep in a bit, and the second he appeared in the living room, Abbey and Luke literally ran to go give their presents to him!
I'd taken the kids to Target earlier in the week to pick out things for Daddy, and they were so adorable when making their choices for him. They did a decent job of finding things they thought were cool but that still something Daddy would like...he ended up with an Ironman Tshirt and some sweet Captain America pants.
(this picture was taken after Church and lunch on Sunday...never fear, we don't start drinking in the wee hours around here or anything =) )

He also got a frame painted by two of the most cute and talented painters ever...

We filled out questionnaires about Daddy, complete with portraits on the back...


That evening we made David his very favorite meal (German Pancakes) and brought it to him in front of the TV so he could watch the NBA Finals game while he ate...

It was a fun day. I was so proud of how the kids really worked at making the day special for their Daddy. They were so thoughtful all him extra affection, asking if there was anything they could get for him (are you thirsty Daddy?), and just being really well behaved all day.
David said he felt loved, and that's all that really matters.
(But well behaved children make for a fantastic bonus)

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