Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A little independence...

This girl went to preschool all by herself this morning!
I know that's nothing to singletons, but for being a twin and always having your buddy with you, it's noteworthy =).
Yesterday Luke asked me if I would lay down in our bed with him and "just rest for a bit".
Um, sure, but let's check your temp first, because a request so out of character made me suspicious he wasn't feeling well.
A quick check with the thermometer confirmed my suspicion.
When his fever continued into the evening, I asked Abbey if Luke ended up needing to stay home from preschool this morning, did she want to stay home too or still go? She thought for a minute, then said "I think I'd still like to go!"
Our big girl =).
When it comes to our twins, they really do not do everything together. At school they play with different kids most the time, but they do like to know where the other is. And Abbey tends to be a little more dependent on Luke than he is on her. Which is neither good nor bad, it just is =).
In any event, she marched right into the classroom alone this morning, and proudly came out with a smile on her face when Luke and I went to pick her up. When I asked her how she did without Brother there, she said "fine, I hardly even thought about it!"
Our little kids are sure growing up!!

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Vanessa's Dad said...

Yep, yep. That's the plan, and it's a good one. You guys are great parents and you have great kiddo's to prove it.