Monday, October 20, 2014


It's officially Fall here in the Pacific Northwest, and early Fall always brings the most beautiful colors out.
We've been trying to get outside every day the sun shows it's light...

We know the rainy season is coming, where rainboots and jackets are required before leaving the house. And picnics at the park with friends will have to wait again until Spring...
Just last week I reduced my hours at work by 50%. I now only work outside the home 12 hours a!! I work two evenings a week (going in after David comes home from his day at work) and just four hours on Saturday mornings. I've been absolutely loving spending more of the daytime with my kiddos...

The entire pulse of our home seems to have slowed down since I was able to cut back at work. I know plenty of fantastic Mommas who work full time and still do a great job at everything their home life requires.
 I however, am not one of those women.
I am learning - in my thirties- that I'm not the greatest multi-tasker. (Which makes it slightly amusing God gave me twins) If I'm focused on any type of big project at work, my home life suffers greatly. I'm just not good at dividing my head and heart like that.
And if I'm going to be busy, stressed, or overwhelmed with anything, may it be my family, right?! =)

My heart is also aware that this is my last Fall with Abbey and Luke home with me every morning. Next year, they will start kindergarten - which is crazy to think about.
This awareness makes me just want to soak up each day we get to be together and not bound to any type of schedule like the one kindergarten will bring.

So we've been playing on the swings, taking lots of walks, stopping for quick romps at the park on the way home from running errands. Trying to soak it all in.

It's not like Winter doesn't have it's good things...I looovveee Christmas time. I love all the decorations and lights and music and general Joy that seems to emanate all around during that time of year. And of course, Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday as well.
Who knows, maybe we'll even get some snow this year to play in =).
No matter what, we'll do our best to enjoy the Winter, and seek out the fun and excitement in the midst of it.
Knowing that Spring always comes again makes it easier.
The same can be said for the seasons of life.
In the meantime, you can find us dashing outside to soak up rays anytime we sense they're out, even if that means just playing in our small front yard...

May this Fall be a blessed one. 

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