Sunday, December 7, 2014

Thankful Tree

Years ago when I was a preschool teacher, the curriculum I used in November always suggested making a Thankful Tree. It was always a favorite bulletin board decoration, and I loved the idea of instilling gratefulness in the students.
 Last year we began what will (hopefully) be at tradition here in our home, making our own Thankful Tree.
Even at 3.5, Abbey and Luke were pretty into it last year, and this year was even better =).
Luke and Abbey made those adorable scarecrows at preschool, and the tree and leaves are just made from construction paper. I just sat and cut it all out one night while watching may not be perfect (I have one critic here who pointed out no one single tree produces so many different shaped leaves...=) ) but it is colorful and works just fine =).
Each night at dinner, we'd go around the table and say something we were thankful for. I was impressed this year with the kids' desire to do this each night! Abbey in particular made sure this was done every night, and would be sure and remind David on the nights I was at work =). 
Their answers were great. Adorable, hysterical, sweet, name it.


We had a cold snap in the middle of November, and at one point during that week all 4 of us had said we were thankful for our cozy home. I love how focusing on gratitude can make you so happy you're smooshed in 990 sq feet together =). And more than that, I loved how this daily activity produced organic gratefulness in all of our hearts. So many times throughout the day I'd hear the kids say "wow, we're sure lucky to have all these toys!" or "it's nice to have a warm blanket on me!"
And I found myself being inherently more grateful throughout the day as well.


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Aunt Carol said...

I'm very thankful for the opportunity to stay updated on your busy lives through your blog.

Love, Aunt Carol