Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Because blogging sounded like a good idea...

(**I wrote this on Saturday night. And then completely forgot to hit "publish". Let that serve as a testament to how much my brain is currently mush.**)

It's Spring Break?! I'm not sure how it's nearly the end of March. I guess we're still catching up from the February of Illness??? But seriously, will we ever not feel behind around here?

I should be doing about a dozen things other than blogging, but I just don't want to.

We put our house on the market earlier this month. It was a good time to do it -for a number of reasons- so we did. I have mixed feelings about it. We became a family here, ya know? So many memories.
Also? Super hard to keep a house clean for showings. Kinda hate that part. Our broker is hosting an Open House tomorrow. I should probably clean.

I still have a large tote shoved in my van full of crap important things that were on the counters and floors and just generally outta place prior to our last showing. Somewhere in that tote is the information the DMV mailed me regarding renewing my drivers license. Which is now expired. Should probably dig that out.

The twins turn five this Friday. FIVE. It was five years ago that this happened. Babies were born. While I can't say it's gone by fast, I also am struggling to wrap my mind around the fact that we have five year olds now.

Lots of party stuff to do.

Whenever my To Do List gets too long, and I feel overwhelmed by all that needs to be done, I get SUPER dramatic and become an absolute wimp.
My husband is a really lucky man.
I flail my arms in the air and declare "THERE IS TOO MUCH TO DO!"
And then I go into avoidance mode. Today when I got home from work, the kids were still down for Quiet Time (and I'm playing fast and loose with the word "Quiet" there) so said a quick "hi" to Dave and immediately left to take Dory for a walk. For 45 minutes. Because I wanted to avoid everything that needs to be done at the house.  
(But, also because she hadn't been walked since Tuesday and we don't have much of a yard for her to run in...)

Then I came home and played with the kids.
Then I made dinner.
Then I cleaned up dinner.
Then I found random small things to do around the house.
And then I read books to the kids.
Then they went to bed and now I'm blogging.
Because I have 4 phone calls I need to return/make...and I don't know which one to do first so I'm just not gonna do any.
Because I have clean laundry in the dryer that if I don't fold tonight I'll likely need to tumble again tomorrow to get the wrinkles out.
Because I could do some things to get ready for the Open House tonight, like mop or dust.
Because my email inbox is out. of. control.

But mainly because I realize that nothing that overwhelms me today is critical. The majority of it is First World Problem kinda stuff. And that fact grounds me when I'm circling the drain... but also doesn't help me get motivated ;)

So blogging and facebook it is ;)

Last week I turned 34.

It was a good day.

My sister Emily was here, and she came with us to the community center for Family Swim. We have a blast every time we go, and this time was extra fun with a 3 on 2 offense. (remember, the best defense is a good offense). We swam and swam, and then got take out on the way home for dinner. It was just the fun and relaxing day I'd hoped for =).


Then on Saturday David and I got to go to a cabin on a mountain with another couple. They are some of our favorite friends, and we had such a great time relaxing and hanging out. The cabin was right on the river and it was so peaceful. We ended up being gone exactly 24 hours, but it really felt so much longer.
It's much easier to get away like that now that the kids are older - for them and for me ;). It helps that the kids have a ridiculous amount of fun with their Aunties ;).
(the fort Auntie Mem made for them...seriously impressive!)
And if you've made it this far into this rambling, stream of consciousness, you will now be rewarded with pictures of the World's Cutest Twins...


I mean I know I'm biased...but still, how adorable are they?!?


Aunt Carol said...

Ramble on as much as you want. I love every minute.

Hope your house sells quickly, but what are you going to do in the interim before your big adventure?

Love, Aunt Carol

Vanessa's Dad said...

Fellow Procrastinators of the World UNITE... when you get around to it.

U R blessed. Moving will be sweet sadness. No question you will leave your residence someday, of course. But, because it has been so wonderful, you will miss the home that has contained so many fond and important memories.

Wait 'til the Twins get married. That also will be sweet sadness. Mostly sweet, but when your kiddo's leave home, you miss them... even though there is no question that is the plan.