Wednesday, March 11, 2015


As Spring begins over here, I figured it's a good time to do a good old fashioned picture dump =).
I always love having these posts to look back on and see what we were up to "way back when..."
I had contemplated giving up blogging after my Grandma passed - sometimes it just feels like ONE MORE THING TO DO - but I started reading old posts from when I was pregnant, and when the twins were tiny babies, and I realized how grateful I am for this Memory Book of sorts =). Plus, if I ever make the time for an actual thoughtful post, it's a good place to journal.
I know several extended family members like to check in and see what our family is up to, and I still receive weekly emails from people wanting to advertise on here (which is not something I'm interested in...sorry!!) so it must get more traffic than I realize...which I choose not to spend a lot of time thinking about, or I start to get a bit weirded out..;)
So. Lately:

One evening Luke decided he wanted to sweep the laundry room.
Um, ok. Sure. I'll allow that.
He tucked Bear into his jammie shirt to assist him...adorable.
I feel so blessed that we get to raise both a daughter AND a son.
Hand to God, I would have been completely thrilled if we'd had two of the same sex...I was just so giddy to finally be pregnant, let alone with TWO babies!
But when we found out we were having one of each, I felt like we had won the lottery.
And it continues to feel like a gift each day. They are so alike and so different (and I realize only some of that has to do with gender) and it's so fascinating to me that two kids being raised exactly the same, going through the exact same stages (age wise) at the exact same time can be so different.

One of the main things I love about it is the collaboration of toys.
Here is Abbey parking SuperHero cars in garages made of blocks, and then putting SuperHeros to bed in bunkbeds made of blocks.
I die.

Pulling your weight around here by pulling weeds...
Being sick most of February meant being cooped up at home A LOT. That forced us to get really creative, and we ended up digging out some things we hadn't played with in a long time. Like the sensory bin...

We also got creative and lined up action figures all over the bedroom and practiced shooting our nerf guns...

 We also recently hosted our very first "school friend playdate". While playdates are nothing new to us, this was the first time we invited friends from preschool - kids who I wasn't already friends with their parents, like my Twin Momma group, or Church friends, or family friends.
I'd met these kids' parents at preschool, but we'd never been to each other's houses.

I told our kids they could each pick one friend to invite over. Abbey picked her sweet friend F and Luke picked his fun friend E.

We've been playing more games lately, like Memory...

And I think this may be the most surprising thing about being *almost* five...the ability and interest in sitting still and coloring. It has TAKEN OVER our home.
And I'd be lying if I said I wasn't thrilled about it!!

So, there you have it. A glimpse at our days lately. Of course this doesn't include the battles and weeping and gnashing of teeth, because I tend not to photograph those moments =). I'm not sure if it's coming off of 6+ weeks of illness, or just a frustrating Season, but the kids and I have been struggling to find our groove at home lately. But, we press on =). Seasons come and go, and it's nice to take a moment and sit down, look at pictures and write about the good stuff =). 


Aunt Carol said...

I am SO glad you have decided to continue blogging, at least for now.

Love, Aunt Carol

Linda Lee Brown Ayers said...

LOVE the blog posts. Thanks for sharing all the pictures, too.