Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Leaving on a jet plane...

...don't know when we'll be back again.
Ok, that's not true. We will be back next Wednesday.
I am beyond excited!! I took a half day at work today, and when the clock hit noon I literally jumped up and down!!! I almost yelled out "YABBADABBADOOOO!!" Fred Flintstone style, but I figured I probably shouldn't as there were people there already in heart failure (I work at a Cardiology clinic) and I probably shouldn't add to their stress. Ha!
I left work, went tanning for the last time, had an appointment with my chiropractor (God bless that woman!), did a little Christmas shopping, and just came home to finish packing up! HOORAY!!

If you can't tell by the 45 exclamation points I have already used in this post....I am THRILLED!!!!!!! I don't have to be at work again until a week from tomorrow. This is the longest I have ever taken off work since we have been married! Even our first year of marriage when I was still teaching preschool and we had 2 weeks off at Christmas, I still had my part time nanny job. I am sooo excited to have so much time to relax and unwind!

And, I am really proud of us for doing this. This trip has been a long time coming, and it has been so great to have something on the books to be excited about. For two years now we have put off planning anything big because we always assume we will get pregnant... which has just made this whole time in our lives that much more depressing. For two years I have told myself "by next Christmas we will be pregnant for sure", or "by our next anniversary I will have a baby in my arms", and then instead of enjoying these events in our lives, they feel like markers of failure.
So, this summer when I really felt the Lord ask me to lay aside my obsession about getting pregnant and just enjoy the blessing of my life as it is right now, we decided to plan this trip!
And now tomorrow we leave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My toes are painted, my back is adjusted, my bags are packed, I have my People magazine to read on the plane, my sweet sister in law is taking care of our house and kitties (and she will do a fabulous job- Hi Risa!)...I think I am officially ready!Have you ever seen a cuter suitcase??

See you guys in a week!! We aren't taking our laptop with us because you all are just way too interesting and I have absolutely no self-control when it comes to reading blogs...I would spend our whole vacation online! So, I will catch back up with you all in a week.



Monica @ Writer Chic said...

Kendra, I am praying for your safety, and the blessing of a fabulous trip. Of course, I am hoping that your trip to Hawaii is similar in oh-so-many ways to Kelly and Scott's....but we'll leave that in the Lord's hands! ;) Blessings, sweetie. You deserve a great, great, great time. Can't wait til you're back in blogland with us!

Vanessa's Dad said...

It's fun to read how excited you are. It's contagious.



Jenna said...


Faith said...

Have sooooooooo much fun and please take lots of pics!!!

Lianna Knight said...

Have a BLAST!! You two deserve it. Can't wait to see all the beautiful pics when you return!

Five Five & Feeling Alive said...

Hugs Cousin! Woo-hoo! Here today, gone to Maui!

Krysta said...

Super cute suitcase! We've taken 3 "last vacations" before a baby. I completely know what you mean and I'm so glad you are doing this! Have a fabulous time!!!

Heather said...

Oh, Kendra....I am SO HAPPY for you that my heart could burst! Have the most wonderful time!!!! May God bless your time together! I will miss you and can't WAIT for the pics!!! Merry Christmas~!