Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Returning to regular scheduled programming

Yesterday I returned to work after an entire week off due to the snow storm. No complaints here, I loved the time off. Between our vacation to Hawaii, and then 5 days off for snow and Christmas, I have been one happy lady this month.
But yesterday it was time to return to reality.
I work at a Cardiology Clinic, and there are 18 cardiologists and 4 surgeons whose schedules are managed by 4 1/2 of us. All of their surgeries, procedures, appointments, meetings, etc are taken care of by us...the Few, the Proud, the Schedulers.
On an average day I have 6-8 "documents" on my desktop on the clinic's computer system. 6-8 things that need to be scheduled or taken care of. Now that may not seem like a lot, but some of the surgeries and procedures that we schedule are very involved. So you have those 6-8 documents, then you throw in the regular daily clinic follow ups, the emergencies that come up and totally foul up the schedule, the phone calls, emailing, blogging, etc -you know, all the important tasks that make up my average work day- and all of a sudden it's a busy day.
Why am I telling you all this?? Two reasons. One, because it's my blog and I have always reserved the right to ramble about whatever I choose and Two because by painting you a picture of an average day I will have helped you understand why yesterday was different and possibly even earned your sympathy.
Yesterday when I came in I had 18 documents on my desktop.
Oy Vey.
Oh, and my boss is off this week and I am her coverage when she is out.
She had 32 documents on her desktop.
50 documents.
Oy Vey again.
Luckily our clinic director recognized that the Schedulers -even though we all had our Semper Fi attitude about us- were going to be completely swamped all day. She took our Starbucks orders and went and got us that precious fuel. I have said it before and I will say it many times over...God bless the coffee bean.
I decided right away to just take one thing at a time and do my best not to feel overwhelmed. I was determined not to let this wonderful feeling of relaxation and peace that I had gained with so much time off slip away within 24 hours of returning to regular scheduled programming.
And Praise Jesus - it worked!! There were a few moments during the day that were particularly overwhelming, but I took a deep breath, shrunk all the things on my screen and stared at the picture of Dave and I in Hawaii that is the wallpaper on my computer...it is my happy place =-).
I feel all this time off has been such a gift. I had so much time to just relax and feel absolutely none of the pressure of the daily grind. It has granted me such perspective and peace... and I want it to linger just awhile longer. Perhaps even stay for good if possible. I wonder if that is asking too much...
Ok, back to work now =-)


Monica @ Writer Chic said...

I'm so proud of your great attitude. Here's to a good short week of daily grind. And amen for the coffee bean!

Vanessa's Dad said...

Oy Vey!!! You've discovered the secret to happiness... choosing to be happy, no matter what your circumstances. Paul said it in the New Testament. He does not rely on his circumstances for happiness, whether they be good or bad. He relies on his relationship with God, which can always be good. God has blessed you with a wonderful husband, and you have discovered how to appreciate all the gifts you're given, including a Happy Place. Aloha.


Heather said...

You are so funny! I am proud of you for your positive and calm outlook- that is such a struggle for me. When things get crazy, I usually join right in!!! (unfortunately)
I love that you looked at the pic of Hawaii- your happy place-! You are so wonderful, Kendra, and I am praying for you to have many more peace-filled days like this one!
OH- and you cracked me up with that "Friends" line in the comment you left on my blog! :) We are soul sisters!!!

Faith said...

Wow, that sounds just a tad overwhelming, but I know you can do it!! Thank goodness for the extra break the Lord blessed you with leading up to this!

Jenna said...

Hope the rest of the work day went well!! And the positive Hawaii-esk attitude you have going is so inspiring me, my friend! Love it!!

amy (metz) walker said...

wow, thats a LOT of work but you definitely had a great attitude about it! I need a picture of a Happy Place on my computer...I think I'll go find one now!

Five Five & Feeling Alive said...

Amen for the happy place and tasty java beverage of your choice!