Monday, November 2, 2009

If His Grace is an ocean, we're all sinking

That's a line from The David Crowder Band's song "Oh How He Loves Us", and it is the current theme in my head and heart today.

God's Grace is by far the most incredible thing I have ever experienced. His Grace is boundless...never ceasing...undeserving.

Today we had our ultrasound. Our babies our measuring right on track to the exact day that they should be, and we were blessed enough to see the miracle of their functioning bladders, kidneys, stomachs, all 4 chambers on both babies hearts, their brains, their spines, 20 fingers and 20 toes.

Thanks be to God.

On Baby A we also saw...

BOY parts!!!!

And on Baby B, we saw....

GIRL parts!!!

We are expecting one of each!! We are simply overjoyed!!!

Our son was not at all shy about showing us what he was. It was undeniable right
away! Our daughter on the other hand, was quite modest. It took the tech several attempts and even then she kept leaving to go check other areas and would come back down to try and catch a peak time and time again. Finally we got the shot we were looking for, and confirmation that we have both a son and a daughter miraculously growing inside of me.

My coworker made me this little post it and stuck it on my desk, so I promptly stuck it on my belly and wore it around the office for the afternoon so my belly could make the announcement for me...

Here is a picture of our son, all stretched out:

Doesn't he have the cutest little booty you've ever seen!?!

And here is a picture of his precious little feet:

Here is a picture of our daughter's perfect little hand:

Isn't' that amazing!?!

Here is her picture, looking directly at us, and waving hi:
(her little hand is up next to her face)

And our favorite picture of the is our boy's profile, with his hands up next to his chest, looking like he is praying:
Be still my heart.

We are having a son and a daughter.

The only news that surprised us today was it appears our son's feet are turned in slightly. Because we declined all genetic testing in the first trimester, they were unable to confirm 100% that this is not due to a chromosomal abnormality. BUT, the tech took many more measurements of his spine, the back of his neck, his head, etc. and then we met with a perinatologist to discuss this. She said she is 98-99% SURE that this is NOT indicative of any other diagnosis. THANK GOD. It just appears he has a slight clubbing in both his little feet. The doctor was so confident of this that she said she would not even recommend an amniocentesis. (which we would have declined, but we were happy to hear this news anyways)

David and I had several questions as to what this meant for our little boy. We learned that it means we will meet with an orthopedic surgeon during pregnancy, just for a meet and greet. About a week after the babies are born, we will take him to meet the orthopedic surgeon and he will do xrays to see how turned the bones are. Most likely at that point they will make little braces/casts for him to wear in an attempt to correct his feet. This will not be painful for him, as babies bones are quite malleable. If the doctors are not able to correct it this way, he might need a minor surgery. Usually they do the surgery between 6-12 months old if it is needed. I asked how long he would need to be in the hospital, and the doctor said not even overnight. It's a day surgery.

So, it appears this is 100% treatable.

Do I love the idea of my newborn son needing to wear casts on his feet? No. It wasn't my favorite news of the day. Does the idea of my 6-12 month old baby needing a surgery make me nervous? Slightly. But the bottom line is there is no need to start worrying about a possible surgery now, when it's far into the future, and there is a great chance we will be able to correct this without surgery.

Also, we know that we serve a Mighty God. We know that nothing is too difficult for Him. Our prayer is that God would choose to correct this in utero.

But, if He chooses not to, that's ok with us. Honestly.

Once both David and I heard that they are very, very confident that this is NOT related to anything more serious, and that it's 100% treatable, and that our son will jump and run and chase his sister like any other little boy, we were fine. Really.

Better than fine actually. Totally and completely head-over-heels in love is more like it. We simply adore these precious children of ours. And we adore our God who is blessing us with these miracles.

With a FULL and GRATEFUL heart,


Mary said...

Congrats on your precious baby boy and girl! I am so glad to hear they are healthy and growing just as need be. Prayers for your little guys feet.

Now time for names!!

the name's emily. said...


P.S. Is it bad that I don't see the girl part? I feel like Rachel from friends... to me the picture just looks like blur...

The Browns said...

How awesome you are having one of each! I'm so excited for ya'll! Those ultrasound pictures are so precious. :)


Stephanie said...

Hooray for healthy babies! Also, I know your doctor has already told you this, but honestly - finding healthy organs really is a good indicator that there is no genetic condition.

I'm so excited for you. Praise God for healthy babies.

Lauren Kelly said...

Awwwwwww, so excited for you. Sooooooooo exciting!!!!!!! :) :) I'm so overjoyed for you...... So glad everyone is healthy and whole and things are going well with you so far.

Faith said...

Wow, amazing indeed! What an incredible blessing you have been given...a precious daughter AND a son! Praying that God would calm any worries/anxieties and that you would continue to rest in His sovereignty. Names, names, names please!! Is it still Abbey for a girl???

Huge congratulations!!!!!

InDeeds said...


I was actually born with my feet pointing in - pigeon toed they called it. (I don't know if this is at all technically similar to club footed) And I had to wear casts, and then special shoes to get my feet pointed the right way. No surgery was needed to fix my feet - and I wouldn't even have known there had every been anything wrong expect that we still have my "special shoes" :-)

Heather said...

How fabulous! One of each... what could be better??

I'm so excited for you guys! :)

Kaitlynn Chritton said...

Congratulations! I kept checking in all of yesterday waiting for this post! I am SO excited for you and your growing little family.

Stuart and Sarah Creamer said...

Congratulations! I think it would always be so perfect to have a boy and a girl at the same time! I know you are overjoyed!!!

Lori said...

Boy!! Girl!!! I am so ecstatic for you! Thank you for sharing your news. I am so happy that they are both doing well. I will pray for your sons feet. I'm sure you were very excited after such an exciting day!

Lianna Knight said...

Love it!!! Our God is an AWESOME God...isn't he???

Just as a side note...I had the SAME problem with my feet when I was born. The first few months of my childhood I wore braces on my feet to help correct it. If it makes you feel any better...I graduated with my Bachelors degree in DANCE!!

So keep your head held high and know that He will and can heal :)

Kelly said...

Congratulations! I am so excited for you. How perfect to get one of each. I will continue to pray for your pregnancy.

Heather said...

I am just GIDDY happy for you! A BOY and a GIRL!!! YAY!!! Thanks be to God for healthy babies!!! I will pray for baby boy's feet....but I am believing God that this will be no problem. "For nothing is impossible with Him."
Have I mentioned I am SOOOOOOO HAPPY for you!!!! SO HAPPY! I can't even stand it!!!!
P.S. I'm with Faith....we want names ASAP! :)

Emily said...

Hurray!!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOO excited for you!!!!!!!

Family of 5 said...

Yah! So great! What two little blessings you are carrying around with you! Praise God for being so faithful! Keeping you in my prayers!

Risa said...

I'm so excited for you guys! Can't wait to meet my nephew AND niece! Tony says "Could we be their favorite Uncle and Aunt for guessing what they are?" ;) I know we're competing with many others, but hey, we're the closest family members, geographically speaking!!!

Jen S. said...

YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! I just knew it--that's what my guess was :)
I'm just so excited for you guys.
I'm thinking of you and praying for you.
Lots of love and many warm hugs!!

Krysta said...

How exciting!! I'm so happy for you Kendra! What an incredible blessing!

Kim said...

How exciting!!! Congratulations :)

Melissa Miller said...

Kendra what a miracle! Congrats!

I just found you over at Kelly's blog and I am so happy for you.

Many Blessings and Happy Fall!
~Warmly, ~Melissa :)

WaitingandHoping said...

That's so awesome! What a blessing! And I love the names you picked out too! Beautiful!