Friday, December 4, 2009


Our appointment today went GREAT!! We saw both our little miracles swimming around and playing. They measured their hearts, brains, kidneys, stomachs, spines, etc again to check for appropriate growth, and everything looks just right. They estimate each baby is a little over a pound, and were measuring perfect for 22 weeks.

We feel SO blessed!

Both babies we moving and squirming and they just looked so stinkin' cute. I asked the tech if she could turn on the sound when she was looking at their hearts, and with each baby it made me cry.

It is the by far the most beautiful sound in the world to me.

They checked on a few things and so far I am not showing ANY signs of pre-term labor - thank you Lord!! That is GREAT news! I know that could change at any point, so please keep praying, but for today it was excellent news.

We got confirmation again that baby A is in fact a boy, and baby B is in fact a girl. Hooray! Time to order their bedding now =)

It was just so fun to lay there and watch our children move. Dave and I could have stayed there for hours. Luke again was very busy, and the tech was chasing him all over the place! Abigail was moving and turning plenty, but she seems to be the more relaxed of the least for now.

Here are some pics from today. Sorry for the poor quality, we don't have a scanner, so these are pictures of pictures.

I had asked the tech if she could get a shot of them both together, and because they are so big now this is the best we could get! It's both their heads =)

Little Luke's profile.

His perfect little spine.

Still a boy!! And still not shy about it!

This picture is kind of hard to see, and kinda distorted. But it's a real close up of Luke's face with his arm stretched out above his head.

Our sweet, sweet baby girl.

Her perfect little spine.

Still a girl!! And still pretty modest about it =)

This is another one that's hard to distinguish, it's a real close up of Abbey's face with her arms up over it and her hands covering her eyes.
Our daughter played peek-a-boo with us today!

As if our children hadn't already stolen our hearts, they sure did a number on us today. I can not believe how much I love these babies. I am just so humbled and so very grateful that the Lord is blessing us so richly.

Thank you for all your faithful prayers!


Krysta said...

Beautiful pictures! That's just the most amazing sight. I can't even imagine how amazing it is to see them move and hear their little heartbeats. You are very blessed and I'm just so happy for you!

Lianna Knight said...

Congratulations Kendra!!! The babies are just PRECIOUS!!!! I love the close ups of both of them :)

Amanda said...

What perfect little pictures of my niece and nephew!!! Great news that everything looked good. Cadence insisted I pick her up, I think she knew I was looking at pics of her cousins :)

Heather said...

Oh MY WORD. Breathtaking. Isn't that just amazing?!?!? They are so stinkin' cute already! Kendra- I have to tell you, I have been just enjoying some quiet prayerful moments tonight and God took me back to those long, long months of infertility and then brought my heart back to Avery Kate's first Christmas being here right now. Amazing. I'm sure you feel the same way....God's faithfulness is just overwhelming sometimes. Praising Him for YOU and your sweet, sweet babies!

Family of 5 said...

So awesome how these two little ones can capture your hearts! What blessings! Praise God!

Faith said...

Wow, absolutely incredible!!

Jenna said...

Such great news! Thanks for sharing those wonderful pictures!

Lori said...

They sound perfect!!! That must have been a very special day for you and your husband. I will keep praying for the twins to stay in there for a lot longer!!

Vanessa's Dad said...

Love the comments about how you were touched to hear their hearts. I was moved just reading about it.


WaitingandHoping said...

Congratulations! Those pics are amazing! So exciting!