Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A slight disappearing act...

I may need to be on here a little bit less for a short while. I am feeling a little overwhelmed with life lately =). Between working full time, growing twins, holiday plans, and attempting a is busy! I am terribly behind on emails and phone calls, and also on just being. My mind is racing these days, and I need to sit back and slow it down.

One of the bigger things on my mind is our pending move. We put in an offer on a house and had it accepted within 24 hours. This was in the end of September. Since then we have been given THREE closing dates, and all three times something has impeded our closing. Three times we have lined up friends and family to help us move, only to call them 48 hours before hand and say "just kidding". We feel awful about it. Our house has been almost entirely packed for weeks now, and we just are so tired of living out of boxes. We are SO ready to be moved!

We have been given another timeline of closing end of this week, early next week. Would you all mind joining us in prayer that this ACTUALLY happens?

It's been really stressful waiting. We are trying to trust the Lord with the timing of it all, but I figured some extra prayers couldn't hurt =).

I feel very ready to start preparing for these sweet babies I am growing, and it bothers me that every time I purchase something or someone gives us something, we have to just put it in the garage knowing it just has to wait there until we can move. I will be honest and tell you that the frustration over all this has brought me to tears on more than one occasion.

So, with high hopes (and your prayers!) that we will be moving next week, I am going to do my best to sit back and try and finish up some minor projects, and also be still before the Lord. I would like a quiet soul for a bit, and I would feel better knowing my sweet babies have an emotionally rested Momma.

Thank you SO much for your prayers...feel free to still comment or email me any prayer requests you have!!

Be back soon!



Lauren Kelly said...

Enjoy this time sweet momma and I'll be thinking and praying for you!!! Love ya! :)

The Writer Chic said...

All our love to you, David, Luke, and Abbey. You take all the time you need to recuperate, relocate, name it.

Vanessa's Dad said...

Permission granted to think more of self and hubby and Twinadoes, and less whether and what the rest of the world knows/things. :)

Ya'll take care of yourself. Only you can do that, and everyone who looks for blogs and emails wants you to take care of yourself.


Family of 5 said...

Definitely will be keeping you in my prayers! It doesn't help that you have extra hormones kicking in with everything going on! I will pray that God will give you the strength daily and to stay healthy and get the rest you need for those babies to keep growing! Hang in there!

Phyllis said...

You are in my prayers. It's important to remember to rest. We all understand that. Just wish I was closer. I'd come help you move.

kace said...

Just came across your blog (new followe) and I love it! You are seriously the most adorable prego mama:) And with a super snazzy name (my name is Kendra too) Hope you have a very merry Christmas!!