Thursday, December 3, 2009


I have had a touch of a cold the last few days, and am home today trying to sleep and juice it away. It's not too bad, but I want to keep it that way so I am trying to prevent it from getting any worse.

Along with rest and lots of fluids, I have something else aiding my mission to wellness...

Isn't he cute?

I went to Target yesterday and picked him up off of my own baby registry =) It's a humidifier.
I figured we wanted one for after the babies come anyways, may as well pick it up now. I really think it's helping!

I have been laying in bed and on the couch all day sleeping and watching TV. Much of that TV has included TLC. Have any of you seen the advertisements for the new show "BBQ Pitmasters"? They have been plugging it all day today (maybe they do everyday, but usually I am at work) and they keep having interviews with the contestants, and one lady says "I am in it for the money, and I am in it for the prestige!".

Really?? Is there that much "prestige" in being a pitmaster?

Perhaps. It's a world I admit to knowing nothing about.

Tomorrow we have our monthly doctors appointment, and we are so excited to see how much the babies have grown! It's interesting that they told me I would feel Luke less (due to his placenta placement), because I feel him all the time. Little Miss Abbey Mae is just more chill I guess. Either that or they still aren't big enough for me to tell what's really going on yet! It will be fun to see once they're born how indicative their in utero activities are to their personalities. Any of you mom's out there experience anything interesting in this area?

Well, I guess that's it for the randomness now. Off to drink some more OJ and rest. Please keep us in your prayers for GREAT news about our babies' growth tomorrow, and for NO signs of pre-term labor for momma.

Thanks all!


Jenna said...

LOL, I laugh every time I see that commercial. The blonde lady was on Bobby Flays show...can't think of the name of it...where he challenges them. Anyway, love the humidifier!

It's hard to say with B if he was similar to how he was in the womb because they had him on sedatives and paralyzers...but once we got him home and off all the drugs I'd say his personality matched what I thought he'd be like if that makes sense!

The Writer Chic said...

That is an adorable humidifier. And even better if it is working to make you feel better.

As far as transfering personality from womb to world....Seth held true. When he sleeps, he SLEEPS. Hands up by his head and chilled out, but when awake? Watch out, world! On. The. Go.

And good luck tomorrow. That would make for A+ appts. for us both. ;)

Heather said...

Aww, colds during pregnancy are 10x worse than regular ones! I hope you are feeling better soon. I'm sure the frog humidifier helps! :)

It's funny, because Little A was much more active than Sassy in utero, and the same does NOT hold true in real life! I'll be excited to hear what your babies temperments are like!

Emily said...

Ellie was definitely a kicker in utero and was even when she was born so early! The NICU nurses asked all the time whether she was active in utero because of how active she was compared to a lot of the other babies. She still loves to kick!

Vanessa's Dad said...

Prayers going up.

A humidifier with personality! It's not easy being green...


Lauren Kelly said...

Girl, I so hope you get to feeling better!!! :)

Family of 5 said...

Get lots of rest...kinda stinks that you can't do much when you are feeling medicine that you can take! No fun!