Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It can't get much more random than all this

- I'm playing this diet game with 25 women from my Mom's of Multiples group. It's fun to be playing with so many great friends, but TOTALLY time consuming. So many rules! Hence the fewer blog posts and less frequent commenting. Sorry. Only so much time in the day. Anyways, there's a quote in the book that I just love and wanted to share with you. The author is talking about how one's goal should be getting healthier, not just skinnier, and makes a point that skinny does not necessarily equal happiness. She shares about a time in her life when she was very thin, but had many difficult things going on, and then about a time where she was incredibly happy in life, but needed to lose some weight. She says "sometimes a little cush is borne of a little extra happy, and sometimes, that's a beautiful thing". Don't you just love that?

- The floors in our house are mainly tile and hardwoods, and they get downright cold in the winter. So I bought the kiddo's slippers. Here's Sis modeling her brother's doggy slippers.

Why is she pant-less? Why is she wearing Luke's slippers and not her pink bunny ones? No clue. She sure is cute though =).

- Did you see this article last week? Yikes. We had only purchased organic & non scented, baby shampoos and lotions for the twins' entire first year, mainly because we didn't know if perhaps they had any type of skin conditions. We had been given Johnson & Johnson shampoos and lotions at baby showers and I had saved them. One night a few months back we realized we were out of baby shampoo, so I grabbed some J&J out of the closet. We've been using it ever since. Not any more.

- On a much lighter note, how adorable is this boy of ours???


-Both Abbey and Luke have been super into books again lately. We've been reading with them since they were tiny, but a few months ago they started to seem less interested. We didn't push it, and now they are back to being bookaholics. Yea!

They super duper love their new lift the flap books! Thanks Aunt Amanda!!

- I am really, really enjoying this age. 18-19 months I think so far is my favorite. I loved about 4-5 months SO much, but this is even better because they sleep through the night, they are incredibly fun, they sleep through the night, they entertain each other, they sleep through the night, they are learning new things every day, they are sleeping through the night, they can tell us what they want when they are upset, and they sleep through the night!
Really, we just enjoy them so much these days. They are these incredible little toddlers that want to learn and be helpful and laugh and play. It's pretty darn awesome.

- Remember how last year I waited until early December to try and buy my babies Christmas PJ's, only to find that is apparently too late in the Season to do so? Well, this Momma isn't a rookie anymore. Quite the opposite in fact. I picked Luke and Abbey's Christmas jammies up in October this year. Yup, October. As soon as they hit the stores I promptly plucked my two pairs up. And now? They're on sale. Even $7.99 at Costco. And it's only November. And the are tons of sizes.
Maybe next year I'll get it right.

- I have two giveaways I've been meaning to post about. I normally don't take people up on their offers to do such things here - not because I don't think they are nice people, or have nice things to give away - but because, well, I just like to keep it a simple ol' blog, and have no interest in getting carried away with advertising or the like. BUT, I want free Christmas cards (I want you to get some too) and the other one I am not getting anything out of the deal, I just think maybe some of you might like to take the opportunity for Holiday gift giving. Stay tuned.

Night all!


Aunt Carol said...

As long as you got the jammies you wanted, it was a win. We try for the best prices when we can, but don't waste time on feeling frustrated if a better price comes along (and is beyond any return time limit). Just enjoy the anticipation of seeing those adorable kids in their new jammies.

Jenna said...

That pic of Luke on the couch with his Daddy was so sweet - reminds me of one you posted when he was just a baby!!

Once Upon A Time said...

Yay you for getting such a jump on the pjs. You may just spur me on to get ours early too. :) And I thought I was doing good with creating and ordering our holiday cards!

Oh, and we switched to J&J Naturals- still cheaper than the organics, but chemical free.