Friday, May 6, 2011

Catch up

Thought I'd get on the ball and post some Easter pictures already. Ya know, cauz it's May.

We were sick Easter Sunday, but on Saturday we went to our Church's Easter Egg Hunt. We had a blast! Well, Abbey didn't love being set down in the grass. She HATES the feeling of grass.

She was much happier up on Daddy's shoulders...

Luke was so excited to find eggs and put them in his basket. He wanted to show me each one first =)

We dressed him in his Blazer's tracksuit that day because it was game 4 of the playoffs, and boy did they have a killer game that day! Guess we should have dressed him in this for games 5 and 6...oops.

And then some more pictures that are just too cute not to share.

Dave and Luke grilling up some chicken and pineapple so I could make these. They were sooooo delicious. Heavenly I tell you.

Some play time in the backyard...

My sweet friend Inna got them these outfits when they were born and I have been waiting FOREVER for them to 1)fit and 2)be warm enough outside to where them. We made it happen this week!So stylish =)

And lastly, my sister Natalie took this video capturing Luke's latest thing. He has been absolutely cracking us up! He will scowl at you, and then when you start laughing (because it's so funny to see!) then he starts laughing back. Then he'll do it over and over and over again. One year old's sure love to entertain!


the name's emily. said...

That video is SO FUNNY! What a funny nephew I have :)

Aunt Carol said...

Sweet pictures.

nbrown said...

Thank you for posting this! Haha Emily I can't wait for you to see it in person. :)

Amanda said...

So cute, yes one year old sure do love to entertain!! Look at those big kids standing on their own! And I've been wanting to try that recipe since she first posted it- it looks SO yummy. Need to get on that!!

Family of 5 said...

Silly 1 year olds!! :) They are adorable!! And love the pics of going to the egg hunt!! Many years ahead for this one!!

Jen S. said...

Very cute!
That recipe looks so good. I'm going to try it soon.
That video is a cute and funny!

Happy Mother's Day to YOU sweet friend. Wish I was there to give you a great big hug!!

Vanessa's Dad said...

Pioneer Woman recipes! Amanda would be so proud. I'm proud that my daughters can be so domestic. Arrows in my quiver.

Happy Mother's Day, Darlin'!