Sunday, May 22, 2011


We had some warm, sunny days here last week and filled up the pool for the first (and second) time!

The twins were actually not all that interested in it, which really surprised me, being that they love bath time. So they spent the majority of their time throwing things in and then expecting us to fetch them out. Which was just as awesome for Dave and I as it sounds.

But they also chilled poolside in style...

GrandDad and Grannie Annie bought this ADORABLE umbrella table and matching chairs for their birthday, and they thought they were seriously hot stuff sitting there!

(I know it's hard, but try not to covet the beautiful scenery of trash and recycle bins. It's a sin)

Our backyard's grass is a little too spotty for a pool just yet, and our front yard is too close to the street for my comfort, so we set this up in our driveway around the back of our house.

Indoors we've been having some fun too...

Our happy boy. He loves riding on toys, and then sitting on them while continuing to play with things below him. I think he likes to feel superior =).

And this is a face we can't get enough of:

Luke comin' at me for a hug and a kiss. He assumes the position miles away, and holds it the entire time he's coming towards you. Hilarious, and downright adorable. I love that boy.

And this cracked us up as well...

I was in the nursery closet putting away toys after rotating out some new ones, and Abigail saw the Kelty Backpack and wanted to get in. I explained to her that we couldn't go for a walk at that time because Momma was in the middle of a project, but that there was plenty of fun things to do inside the house. She then smiled respectfully, nodded in understanding and moved on to something else.

Just kidding, because she is one.

She threw herself down on the floor in a tantrum and pretty much let me know her world was ending at that very moment.

I told her that I was sorry, but we could not go for a walk right then. She got up and just kept reaching and grunting towards the Kelty. I finally asked "do you just want to sit inside of it?" and she got all happy and started clapping. So, I put her in, buckled the straps, and there she happily sat for nearly a half hour! Just chillin' on the floor.

Whatever works.

And lastly, the babies and I stayed home from Church today due to some runny noses, and this was the sight when Daddy came home...

My cup runneth over.


Heather said...

Aww, the last picture is PRICELESS! Love their little unmbrella table and chairs. Looks like you all will have plenty of outside fun this summer! :)

Heather said...

Awesome. That last picture just does it for you, doesn't it?!?!? The twins are so big!! They just grow up right before your eyes!
And girl--I keep meaning to e-mail you about running and workout stuff and I WILL....I promise!! I haven't forgotten...I'm just waiting for a quiet couple of minutes!! :)

Amanda said...

What a sweet post. Loved your sarcasm. Really did. Wouldn't be awesome if our little ones did listen to our reasons, realize they were good ones and then go on about their day knowing and trusting Mommy had the right plan. However, Sweet Little Abbey Girl, after her age appropriate display, then continued to think simply sitting in the Kelty in her bedroom was the coolest thing ever- priceless. :)

Vanessa's Dad said...

They're faces are becoming such grown up little people. And, more personality all the time.


Julia said...

I love that last picture! I love how excited the girls get every time their papa comes home!

It's awesome that you capture it! I need to do that!

Your cup does runneth over!

Kaycee said...

OH that last picture - just gorgeous.