Wednesday, May 11, 2011


There is something to be said for a beautifully posed family photo. This one is proudly displayed on our entertainment center:

I love it. I love seeing our little family in our Christmas best, posed for a picture. Sure, I could (and have) critiqued how my hair is falling over my eye. How Luke isn't smiling. How you can see the Adidas logo on David's sock. How the "plan" was for me to hold Lucas and David to hold Abigail, so our clothing colors would compliment each other better, but our daughter wanted only to be in Momma's arms that day, so we went with what worked.
Whatever. The bottom line is it's a professional, polished photo of our family. And it captures a time in our life, when our babies were 9 months old.

And looking at it makes me smile.

And then this weekend, in an attempt at family photo, my mother in law captured this moment:

And it makes me smile more.


Jen S. said...

You guys are the cutest family ever! I ♥ both of the photos...they are each great :)
PS...the second photo cracks me up!

the name's emily. said...

I love it!

Aunt Carol said...

This is a wonderful, true-life picture.

Kaycee said...

There's always something to be said for taking the time for polished, formal pictures. But the informal can be so much more "real" and you get memories from the moments they were taken when you look back at them - I love them just as much! The informal one in this post? I love the JOY in that one.