Friday, May 13, 2011

A whole lot of nothin'

I don't really have a whole lot to say (shocking I know), or at least nothing of real value...but tonight is my designated blogging night, so I figured why not just spew a bunch of random information floating around in my head?

I know, you are excited.

Did you hear that Meredith Vieira is leaving The Today Show? I am so sad I could cry over it. Second only to Tina Fey, she is my favorite woman on television. I remember when I was pregnant, I would trudge downstairs to eat breakfast, and then have to rest for a bit and watch TV before making the hike (while carrying a litter) up the stairs to finish getting ready for work. It would always be about 7:00am, and I would always watch The Today Show. And then towards the end of my pregnancy I wasn't working and had weird sleeping patterns, so I almost always missed it. Then after the babies came, I pretty much spent a good three months sitting on the couch breastfeeding all day (and night) long, and most mornings I would watch the entire 3 hours of the show. During those days it would always strike me as odd when I talked with someone who hadn't heard of the latest news story (or even the not-so-latest, end of the hour news stories), and I constantly had to remind myself not everyone was glued to their couch with a giant EZ 2 Nurse on their laps (and two babies on that pillow) rendering them unable to move for hours on end.

Not that I am complaining, I loved breastfeeding.

But I digress. (Which, dear readers, you should prepare yourself for a lot of if this post keeps going nowhere likes it is headed.)

Anyways, I am so sad she is leaving. But props to her for wanting to spend more time with her family, and a big hooray to Ann Curry for movin' on up.

Speaking of women on television, I have recently been introduced to Jillian Michaels. I know. I am one of the ten people left on the planet who doesn't watch The Biggest Loser. Never even seen an episode. But she's come into my life nevertheless, after a conversation with a friend in which I was relenting the fact that my remaining baby weight flat out refuses to just fall off on it's own. So, she recently loaned me her "Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism" work out video. Gotta say, not loving Jillian Michaels. She is mean. But, I am red faced and sweating when finished, so hopefully it's getting something done (like banishing fat and boosting metabolism) besides feeling like I need to yell at the TV while she taunts me.

Let's see...what else?

I think the twins may be trying to tell us they are ready to reduce to just one nap. I am pretending not to notice. Because if I were noticing, I would have to acknowledge that Abbey has maybe been ready for a few weeks now, but we've been putting her down at the same time as Luke (around 9am and around 2pm), and she's just been playing and talking and turning on her soother and whining for awhile before eventually giving into sleep. It's been working. Luke's been snoozing right through it all. Baby boy loves his sleep. But then yesterday morning her playing reached a level where it kept her brother up, and he managed to catch a second wind, and they both were still up 45 minutes after I had laid first laid them down. Abbey was wide awake and stimulated. Luke was over tired and fussy. Bless her heart. Bless his. Bless mine.

So, we may be making the transition to being a one nap household soon.

Aren't you all glad I am not on Facebook or Twitter? Can you even imagine the riveting status updates and tweets I would be producing tonight?

Tomorrow we (and by "we" I of course mean David) are finally painting our master bedroom. We bought the paint back in October when we painted our living room and kitchen, but then we all got sick and the holidays happened and then...well, we just didn't feel like doing it. I HATE when my house is in disarray, and the idea of pulling all our pictures and art off the walls and moving our dressers and nightstands into the spare room stressed me out. But tomorrow "we" are biting the bullet and getting it done.

Our babies have BOTH slept until 6:30am every morning this week. I know. I can hardly believe it either. 6:30 is just so...civil. It's early, but it's no 5:15am, or 4:45am. Now I better wrap up this post so I can go knock on some wood, because you know I'm afraid I've jinxed it now.

Happy Friday all.


Jen S. said...

I too am sad Meredith is leaving. I really like her. But I'm happy for her that she will be getting more family time. I have a feeling she'll still be around doing a little TV stuff....I'm hoping!

I don't watch The Biggest Loser either, but hear Jillian's dvd's etc. really are good and that they do work. Good job trying that! I need to get motivated. I joined a gym months ago, went three times and never went back. Totally bad I know!! I've GOT to get back in there!

Good luck with naptimes. I remember when Jeven went down to one. Seems like just yesterday. This coming Thursday she'll be 13! Where on where does the time go??!

Have a great weekend Kendra :)

Lauren said...

You're right, Jillian Michaels IS mean! I watch Loser... there are some moments when I like her, but sometimes I just want to shake her.

If Luke really still needs his two naps, why not put them on opposite schedules for awhile? Luke will probably catch up shortly, and in the meantime he wont be cranky and overtired. That's what I have to do with Noah and Aubrey (when I have her) right now, because she's almost 15 months and still on two naps, and Noah's been down to 1 nap for a month already.

Just a thought, in case Luke can't handle the 1 nap yet.

Aunt Carol said...

Loved your "ramblings". Good luck with painting.

Once Upon A Time said...

Jillian Michael's 30 day shred is what made me lose all 70 lbs of my preg weight by 6 months. I plan on taking it up again this summer when I'ma SAHM again until school starts up- until then, I just don't have a spare 20 minutes. How long is the one you are doing?

I denied the 1 nap transition for as long as I could, too- but if you read my post, I actually like 1 nap BETTER than 2. it is so much easier to do stuff in the long morning stretch and one 3 hour nap pretty much rocks compared to 2 shorter naps. Good luck with the transition!

Linda Lee Brown Ayers said...

Luke may still need two naps for a bit even if Abbey switches ...sort of if it isn't broken and he is sleeping well why "fix " it. Easy for me to say,however, because I won't be the one with someone in a crib all day. This too shall pass!

Vanessa's Dad said...

Is going to one nap helping them sleep in? Could be...

I consider watching "The View" as painful punishment. But, so what? Guys are different, as I keep noting in the "Baby Blues" BOY comics that I keep sending you.