Tuesday, September 27, 2011

18 months

Today our sweet babies turn 18 months old!

I stopped writing monthly letters to Luke and Abbey at a year, but 18 months seems like such a marker (halfway to TWO!!!) that I thought I'd write down a few things they're up to at this age so I can always look back and remember.

We've had a fun summer, filled with family and friends...

We had tons of fun, sunny days spent going for walks, bike rides, and playing at the park.

It's been a good summer =).

I must say I'm finding this age to be pretty fun! I always tell people it's hard for me to be too sad that my babies are growing up, because I seem to enjoy them more and more as they do.

There are some challenges to be sure, especially as they learn new ways to express emotions. We've introduced "Time Outs" here, which seem to be going well. Luke got sent there (the mat in front of the door in the living room) the other day for hitting and he had to be reminded several times to "sit on your bottom on the mat because you are in TimeOut". Twice he got up and tried to run away, only to be escorted back. Then at one point he stood up, picked up the mat, threw it a few feet, turned around and sat back down where it had been, as if to say "I'll sit in your time out, but I'm not sitting on your mat!" It was HARD to keep a straight face for that!

They are showing more passion for things they like lately (i.e, not into sharing) which sometimes we let them work it out on their own and sometimes we intervene. Yet at the same time they are consistently very considerate of each other. Abbey ALWAYS gets Luke's milk for him before getting her own. Luke RARELY puts up a fight (even though he's got at least 4 pounds on her) when Abbey steals something of his.

Speaking of milk, they both love it now. When we first introduced it right before I stopped breastfeeding, they were totally not interested. Then for a long time they'd drink a few sips as part of their bedtime and morning routine, but never really guzzle the stuff. Now they down it in seconds flat and almost always ask for more throughout the day!

More favorites around here include blueberries (especially for Luke, he devours them!) and cheesy eggs. And anything they get to "dip dip dip!" as they say =).

They are crazy for music. I mean CRAZY for it. They beg for it all day long. They make the cutest little dancing moves and point at the stereo if it's not on. And once it is they groove for awhile and then go about playing...but don't even think about turning it off - they notice right away! We attended our old Church back home last Sunday and both Luke and Abbey enjoyed dancing to the praise music, especially since it was Poppa leading the worship songs!

They are also super into singing songs with hand motions. Their current obsession is "Bringing Home a Baby Bumble Bee", but they also love "Row Row Row Your Boat", "Jesus Loves Me", "Itsy Bitsy Spider", and "This Little Light of Mine".

They both say "mooooo" whenever they see a cow. There is a little baby dressed up like a cow and a few real cows in the Praise Baby DVD we watch before nap time and it sounds like a barnyard in my living room when those scenes are on.

We've officially transitioned over to a one nap household. We made the cut while we were camping, and just kept it up when we got home. It was shockingly more seamless than I thought it would be. We had a few rough mornings where crankies set in but for the most part it wasn't at all what I had been dreading. And the best part is (**knocks on wood**) they've been sleeping later in the morning!

Bedtime is around 7:15pm and they've been getting up anywhere between 7:15-8:15am!! Can I get a Hallelujah!?!?!

To say it's been glorious would be an understatement.


Our days lately look something like this:

7:15-8:15am: wake up, milk
8:30-9:00am: breakfast
11:15-11:30am: lunch
11:30-noon: go down for nap
naps have only been about an hour to an hour and a half, but I'm not complaining since they are sleeping so long at night.
2:00-2:30pm: snack
5:30pm: dinner
6:15pm: bath
6:45pm jammies and playtime to get the wiggles out
7:15pm: Bible Story, prayer time, sing a few songs and off to sleep!

They've been really into stirring things lately, and one of their favorite activities is getting out mixing bowls and wooden spoons and stirring their blocks around. They've also gotten really good at stacking and want to stack different things every day...

They are growing like crazy these days. Luke is wearing 12 -18 month pants, and 18-24 month shirts. Abbey is still a peanut -but growing!- she is in 12 month pants mostly (with a few pairs of 18 months) and 12-18 month tops.

Their verbal comprehension is daily growing. We can give them fairly complex directions and they know what we are saying. The other day Luke came up to David and both said and signed "poop", and sure enough...he wasn't lying =).

Most of all it's just been fun to continue to watch their personalities emerge...

This boy is always exploring. Checking out how things work. Twisting caps off things. Closing lids. Seeing what fits where.

He loves to play with balls...

And is ALWAYS up for an adventure...

Everyday getting braver and braver to do more by himself...

While still being plenty silly...

...and smiley...

...and downright adorable...

He is such a joy. David and I have both commented lately how intent he is on eye contact, and how much he seems to understand.

He's been a real Daddy's boy lately. David recently gave him a haircut (his 3rd) and I told him when it was done that he looked just like Daddy. For the rest of the day he pointed at his hair and said "Daddy!" and smiled widely.

He's a good boy who LOVES to assist and takes pride in being praised for being helpful. He may only be 18 months old, but he loves to feel like a big boy =)

And Little Miss has been a lot of fun too!

She's super into dressing up lately...

...and has been a GREAT little eater...

...content to play by herself...
(for Daddy that is, never for Momma!)

Sis LOVES dogs...

...and is a pretty good little adventurer as well...

She's not quite as obsessed with Daddy as her brother is (she's still a Momma's girl) but she agrees he's pretty great...

Abigail is also crazy about her brother. Sure, he steals toys sometimes or wants to play alone, but she still just idolizes him. She thinks he is so funny, and whatever he is playing with is most interesting to her as well =). She's also fiercely loyal to him, one day even choosing to sit in Time Out with him even though she knew she didn't need to be there.

I pray they are always loyal friends.

Happy 18 months my sweet, sweet babies. I love you more than ever.


Lori said...

Oh kendra, your babies are so precious!! I cannot believe how time fly's by!! Before I know it Sav will be 18 months!!!

I love there playtime pics, especially the tall tower they built!!

Lauren said...

The Luke in time out story is hysterical!

Noah would never have stayed on that mat unless he was being physically restrained.

Kat said...

Happy 18 months! So sweet.

the name's emily. said...

So cute!

I would like to point out that Cadence's face in the 2nd pic matches mine in the 1st PERFECTLY. Bahaha!

Aunt Carol said...

Yep, that time out story is a great one. He sure showed you!

Amanda said...

So many things to comment on this post. Just so precious. The Time Out story is priceless and I'd even heard it before on the phone. Unfortunately keeping a straight face in their "creatively defiant" moves doesn't get easier. It can just be so funny. I can just picture Luke proudly beaming pointing to his head and saying "Daddy" so happy with his "Daddy style" hair cut. And Abbey and her stacking the spices reminded me of Cadence stacking pretty much anything and everything she could get her hands on in the kitchen. That's so sweet how she always brings Luke his milk cup first. And sitting in Time Out with him to be loyal, wow, I'm so glad you got that down in the blog. Someday you will probably have forgotten that moment and it will be sweet to have this reminder.

Shmem, I had totally missed that you and Cadence had the same expression, but yes, there is no doubt in my mind calling my daughter your "mini me" is very very appropriate. Love you all!

Family of 5 said...

I love your update on your sweet lil ones!!! They are super cute!!!