Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's a good thing I don't work more...

...or I would have some seriously spoiled children.

There is a month between Summer and Fall terms in which David only teaches one class Tuesday and Thursday mornings. It's great for the family time, but not so great for the paycheck. So in order to help supplement, I try and take on as many hours as I can at my job.

Twice in the last month I've had 36 hour work weeks.

I know that is nothing compared to many of you who work 40+, but for me it's more than I've worked in the past 20 months. And it was hard to be away from my babies so much! They were beyond fine - having a blast at home with Daddy, but I missed them. And I missed being at home and staying on top of things here.

Don't get me wrong, there were a few benefits to working so much (hello, wonderful long lunch break to read my book, or something more educational, or just stare at the wall in blissful silence, and lots of adult interaction). But really it just proved to me how much I am meant to be at home as much as I am. I feel so much more settled this way. 15 hours a week seems to be the perfect balance.

So the spoiled part. Because I was only home two mornings last week, I found myself straying from any and all forms of discipline. Even when one of my sweet cherubs took a swat at me...I let it go. Why? Because I wanted our minimal amount of time together to be happy, and good. I felt guilty for being away so much (at work! It's not like I was out shopping or at the movies all week!) and I didn't want any of my precious time with them tarnished with harshness or tears.

It was a good thing to realize about myself (you gotta know where your penchants lie, good and bad), and even better to know I shouldn't need to work weeks like that again for a long time.

Here's to knowing your limits.


Lauren said...

Oh yes, knowing your limits is extremely important! That's one of the reasons I'm a SAHM. I would be miserable if I wasn't. And then there goes the rest of the happy household!

Kaycee said...

Oh that is such a tough balance! I get a bit the same way during the school year (teacher). I get such little time with my girl I know the feeling of wanting it to be happy and fun. I would rather play and do fun things and have treats than meltdowns and tears.

Of course we end up with a bit of both, when she's having a good day we do lots of fun things. When it's an off day we deal with it like normal and work through the tears and meltdowns toward more acceptable behavior. :) But especially in the Fall right when we start I have to remind myself to still be the Mom I am when I am home with her and keep teaching her how to behave. :)

Linda Lee Brown Ayers said...

A wise counselor who taught parenting classes once taught me the expression, "peace at any price is too high a price to pay".

They WILL get over it and it IS best to be consistent as a couple.

Did someone say this was going to be easy?

You are amazing parents. So proud of you!
Love mom

Aunt Carol said...

Good insight.

M.Anderson said...

Here's to knowing your limits? Amen cousin!