Friday, September 30, 2011

Tell me it's not just me...

A conversation occurred in my home tonight, and I need to know some of you Mom's out there have had a similar one so I feel normal.

After the kids were in bed, David was showing me a few things he had changed on our laptop this afternoon while I was at work.

Me: "You got this done while the kids were up??"
David: "Yeah...?"
Me: "HOW?!?"
Him: "I just...did it...??"
Me: "They weren't climbing all over you and begging to turn the music on and dance???"
(the laptop sits next to our stereo)
Him: "They ask for it, but I just tell them 'not now'"
Me: "And then what?"
Him: "They go play with something else"
Me (incredulously): "they just go play with something else?!? Just like that?!?!"
Him: "Yeah"
Me: "You mean no fits? No crying? No pulling on your pant legs and whining for minutes on end resulting in inner dialogue on your part wondering if you should just give in in the name of Peace and Quiet, but you know you can't because giving into a tantrum this time will make things way harder next time??"
Him: "Um, no. I just tell them not now, and they just go do something else"
Me: "I kind of hate you right now"


Jennifer said...

Clay and I have this kind of conversation at least 3 or 4 times a month. It drives me banana's! Ha! So I can totally relate :)

The Writer Chic said...

I promise, it's not just you. ;)

Lauren said...

Well, Noah responds to exact same way to both Justin and I when we tell him no (ie. the way your kids respond to YOU, not to David). But if this happened in my house, the conversation would have gone the exact same way.

Aunt Carol said...

That is so funny -- and mysterious, too. Maybe it's something about the male voice.

Cool Grandma B said...

Just in case you have not noticed before; Kendra; Moms are too easily maneuvered by their children. With Love, grandma b.

Amanda said...

It's not just you. Not at all. Just like you pointed out a couple posts ago that Abbey plays just fine on her own contentedly for Dave, but not for you. They expect different things from each of you and know how you'll react. They know Daddy means not now and to give up and go play with something else. We just had this discussion with my Bible Study leaders about how if Daddy or even another mom drops the little one in Childcare there is no fussing whatsoever, they just go into the room and play. But if it's MOM, then they bring on the dramatics and waterworks. Kids just act different for their mom.

Amanda said...

Oh and you are GREAT mom, so don't let this get you down too long :)

Once Upon A Time said...

Yeah- here too. I prefer to just think that it is because the bond to us mamas is stronger and they just can't bear to be away from us. It sounds good, at least. :)

Family of 5 said...

LOL!!! Your not alone out there friend! There is just something about the touch of a daddy's tone of voice or something! ;) I don't know how they do it! Of course they are saying the same thing about us Mom's! They don't know how we do it! :)

lklomicka said...

We just had the exact same conversation! Little Bit will pull on me, whine, cry, climb on me, and beg to be played with if I am home. If she's at home with my hubby, she plays independently perfectly content. How is that possible? Do they just know inherently that we are softys? It is SO unfair.