Saturday, September 3, 2011

"You've sure got your hands full!"

Yes, I sure do.

But my heart

is full as well.


Stephanie said...

love it.

Jen S. said...


Julia said...

What sweet pictures of your loves.

I read this really great article awhile back by a mama who has a bunch of children.

Everytime someone tells her, "You've sure got your hands full." Her response is, "Full of good things." She never wants her children to hear that they were a nuisance or bother to her.

I loved that response ever since I heard it---it's my go to everytime I get that comment :)

My heart, too, is full, and my cup overflows :)

Our Family said...

Perfectly written! :) Lana

Alyson said...

Love it! I feel the same way! Everyone just assumes twins are such a handful... I get the statement, "Double the trouble" all the time. My response is, "Double the fun!"

Great perspective! And you kiddos are just adorable! Can't believe they are so big already!

I can't tell you how much I've learned about being a twin mommy from you! Thanks SO very much for all your insight!

Aunt Carol said...

A full heart -- the best fullness ever.

Lori said...

just precious! you are glowing!!

Shelli said...

What a great reply. I have three small children and I hear this comment almost daily! I am going to borrow your sweet reply! Thanks! Enjoy your darling babies!!!