Friday, January 2, 2009

Day 2 in the New Year

2009 continues to be a good one so far =-).

I woke up to snow this morning! Yippee!! Of course it was only like 1/2 an inch and is practically gone already...but it still made an expression of glee appear on my face when I saw everything blanketed white when I first looked out the window.

In keeping with the spirit of Joy, here are some other things that made me smile today:

COFFEE. Hip, Hip, Hooray for coffee! I normally keep to a strict limit of one cup a day. When I get pregnant I will be cutting it out completely, and I don't want it to be a total jolt to my system at that time, so I try and keep my dependence at minimal now.

But this week I may as well have had an IV shooting it directly into my veins because I have been living on the stuff. With all this vacation and time off, I let myself get totally out of whack by staying up really, really late practically every night and then sleeping in really, really late on days off. It has wreaked havoc on my energy for work days!! So I have been cheating horribly on my one cup a day limit.

I swear every time I sneak into the break room to refill my cup I hear the song "Hello Darkness, my old friend..." play in my head.


Wall-E!! We have been looking forward to watching this movie for soooo long! It has been sitting in our Netflix queue for weeks on back order, and today it is here!!!! YEA! So we have a date night planned for tonight that will involve three of my favorite things - cuddling, popcorn, and a movie =-). Yahoo!

And lastly, these:

I know that true Joy can really be found in Jesus, but let me show you a little math I did today:

Something new for my house + really cute+ really great price = Happy Kendra

I mean, seriously, how adorable are they???? (The answer you are looking for is Extremely Adorable) .

I am one of those people who feels like there should be a place for everything, and I feel best when everything is in it's place! So I have little baskets and containers and such all over our house. And when I saw these today and thought they were just too cute for words and only $3.99, I knew that I should own them, so I bought 'em, and oh the joy!

Happy Friday to all of you out in Bloggerland!


Anonymous said...

Where did you find your baskets? They match my guest room perfectly!!


Amanda said...

Yay for simple pleasures!!!

Faith said...

I want some of those cute baskets too!!!

The Branches said...

so cute I LOVE damask patterns on anything! Also I too have a major coffee problem which I have discussed several times on my blog...when I get preggers my baby will either be flying off the walls in my womb or really sad from caffiene withdrawals! I will cut back a little bit though...anything for my future baby :) Have a good weekend!!!

Lacy said...

Those baskets are super cute!! I too have a major caffeine problem, only mine comes in the form of soda cans. I keep trying to wean myself off of it, but then when my period comes I just start back up again. A vicious, unhealthy cycle...I will definitely stop (and pay the price for doing so) whenever I get pregnant, but for now I live on the stuff. :) Glad your new year is starting off good!!

CrYsTAL said...

That is exactly what my hubby and I have been doing, staying up late and then waking up extremely late. Then come monday i have to go back to work, I am just hoping that I can go to bed and wake up and be AWAKE!

Monica @ Writer Chic said...

Kendra, where are those baskets from?! I MUST have them!!!