Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Happy Tuesday All!

I woke up this morning thinking "only 4 more days until Saturday". Ugh. I was gently reminded that is SO not miracle-of-the-momenty thinking, and realized that I am falling back into old habits again and need to be better about living for TODAY. I prayed for grace to remember that there will never be another January 13th, 2009 again, and I should embrace today for being just that - today.

And now on to the EEK part. I have an appointment tonight with a new hair stylist. And I am oh so nervous about it. I know it's just hair, but remember I had an incident. I have been putting off finding someone local to cut my hair for months now, and it has been since SEPTEMBER since I have had a trim!

So, the answer to the question I assume you are asking yourself is yes I do currently bear an uncanny resemblance to the Shaggy Dog.

But tonight- hopefully- that all changes. Tonight I am going to someone new, who comes highly referred by a coworker with GREAT hair. Which is great because I am in desperate need!

How have I managed the last 2 months with shaggy, unruly hair? I have been going with 3 basic hairstyles:

1. Pulled back in a french twist/ponytail/clip thing. Regrettably, I do not have a photo example of this. But it's not really all that awesome.

2. Since the ends are too uneven to straighten my hair and just let it hang, I have been doing this straighten most/curl ends concoction, shown here:

Nice, but time consuming.

3. Then there is the au-natural look. Where I just let my natural curl/wave/rats nest do what it pleases with just some added gel to tame the beast:

Option number 3 is blessedly my husband's favorite. How lucky am I?!? I am married to a man who truly thinks I look the best when I am the laziest.

The problem with option 3 is that while Dave loves it and assures me it looks great, I feel like it's a wild and crazy mess that resembles Animal from the Muppet's.

So tonight my plan is to get it finally fixed so I can go back to just a blow dry and a straighten in the morning. A cut, thinning, and some subtle layers... wish me luck!

*If I don't post in the next few days, it's because the appointment went horribly wrong and I have moved to a country where women wear head coverings.*

Just kidding, I am not really that vain =-)


Amanda said...

You make me laugh! Noah likes my hair shorter. I'm honestly just too cheap and lazy to go get it cut...and I'd have to find a baby sitter....blah blah blah. I hate having it down because it's so wavy and has a mind of it's own. But at least when it's longer I can be lazy and just pull it back out of my way and no styling needed. You've always been tremendously talented with hair styling. I've always envied that about you! Hope things go well tonight!

Lacy said...

Ha ha!! I haven't had my hair trimmed since June...that is so horrible I know! (but maybe will make you feel better about your Sept). I need a cut BADLY, but I figured I will just wait until after my sister's wedding next week. That way I can have an updo with all my length (slit ends and all, LOL) before I get it cut. I can't wait to see the finished "do", you better post a picture for us to see! :)

Heather said...

Can't WAIT to see the new hair! I know it will look great, no matter what! You are just so pretty!

Jenna said...

I've always thought you had such gorgeous hair - I am sure it looks awesome no matter how you style/cut it! Hope it went well!!!

Heather said...

Hello... stumbled upon your blog from Chapters and I really enjoyed reading today! Hope your hair appt. goes well and hope you don't mind if I visit again!

The Branches said...

OH I am sure it will look great. It looks like you have great hair anyways. I have naturally curly hair and it's terrible...I chi it all the time, which in turn dries it out...what women do for beauty huh? You have to post pictures of the "after"!

Vanessa's Dad said...

I like my hair. Shower, towel, comb. But, then, at my age, I'm glad to have hair... How's that saying go? "I'm very glad to be here. At my age, I'm glad to be anywhere!"

I'm blessed. And, you have beautiful hair.