Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The reviews are in

It's not great.

But it's not awful.

I think I need to learn how to speak "hair". Apparently I don't.

I said I wanted my hair thinned.

I meant "less thick than it is now thin"

She must have thought I meant "Hair Club for Women thin"

When I reached back to grab my mane after she was done, I literally gasped. Turns out it wasn't really gasp-worthy. You know how that zit on your face always feels 10x larger than it really is? Well, it felt like there was only a tiny rat-tail of hair left, but it wasn't that drastic.

Still, between the over-thinning, and the layers, and the almost 2 inch clean up of messy, dead ends, there was so much of my hair on the floor by the time she was done that it looked like a Pomeranian was laying there.

But it needed to be done. Maybe not so much thinning, but the rest needed to be done.

And I can live with it. Ever since the Great Weed-Whacking Incident of 2006, I feel like I know bad hair cuts, and this is not bad.

When I got home last night, David said it reminded him of Jennifer Aniston, Circa 1996

I must have made a face, because he was quick to say "that's not a bad thing".


This morning though, after attempting to style it on my own, I felt it was more reminiscent of Steven Tyler.

Oh well, it is just hair. It has been better, but it has also been much, much worse.

I will try and post a pic tomorrow. I am not trying to create suspense here, it's just that I didn't get home until almost 10:00pm last night, so I didn't take one then. And Lord knows I have a hard enough time getting to work on time each morning...add in the extra time I wasted singing "I was cryin' when I met you, now I am tryyyinnn to forget you..." into my hairbrush while I was channeling Steven Tyler, and there was no time for a photo shoot this morning either.


Faith said...

Girl, you've got great hair and I'm sure it looks awesome!!

Lacy said...

I am sure it looks great! Can't wait to see!! I've always thought Jennifer Aniston's hair was pretty (even in '96). You had me laughing so hard with the pomeranian quote!!

Heather said...

OH. MY. GOODNESS. I am laughing so hard right now! You are the funniest thing!! I am SURE it looks awesome and I can't wait to see it! Faith is right- you have GREAT hair!!! And I love that your hubby said you look like Jen...HELLO? Isn't that like our dream come true?!?!?!
Gotta remind you of another great "Friends" moment...remember when Phoebe cuts Monica's hair?!?!?! Mon:"I said DEMI Moore...not DUDLEY Moore!" Phoebe: "Oh, OH! She's got great hair!" Mon: "I KNOW!!!!!!!"

Can't WAIT to see the pics, girlie!!! You are beautiful on the inside and out!
P.S. I can't get the picture of you singing into your hairbrush out of my head!!!! :)

Lianna Knight said... have my curiosity perked....looking forward to the pic :)

Vanessa's Dad said...

I'm thinkin' "Hair" the musical.


:) said...

Pomeranian, Hair Club For Women... oh my gosh I don't what is funnier!! You crack me up so bad're hysterical! Plus the Steven Tyler picture/comment made me laugh out loud! You are one funny girl... and I'm willing to bet your hair looks gorgeous!