Friday, January 16, 2009

Prayers needed!!

Some of you probably saw the link on Kelly's blog the other day, so you are already praying, but in case any of you hadn't seen it, PLEASE be praying for sweet Jenna's newborn son, Brayden. He was born on Tuesday and she updated this morning that Brayden was taken by helicopter to a different hospital and is a critical care NICU. They believe he is suffering from pulmonary hypertension. Please also keep Jenna and Chris in your prayers, I can't even imagine how hard this all must be. Click here for updates...


:) said...

Oh my gosh... this is so sad. My prayers are with Jenna, her beautiful baby boy and her family.
I'll keep checking her site for updates. Thanks for posting this information.

Lacy said...

I have been following Jenna's story too! I am praying for baby Brayden and their family!! Great idea to post about this. The more people praying the better!!