Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Last night when I came home from work --tired, but not nearly as exhausted as the days previous thanks to my sister Natalie who stayed over the night before, and both took care of constantly waking babies who didn't need to nurse allowing me only 6 wake-ups as opposed to 327 AND added more jewels to her crown in Heaven) -- and was immediately greeted by my husband saying "so Luke took a tumble today..."

Sure enough, on our baby boy's forehead sat a GIANT, bruised, goose egg.

Apparently, he and David were going from standing to sitting down, and Lucas lunged head first and fearless for a block on the floor, only to slam his head into it.

And with that, it begins...

We are raising a BOY.


More and more as he becomes mobile (he's not yet crawling, but he goes from sitting to laying on his stomach with no effort at all, maneuvers around in a 360 turn with ease, and is thisclose to army crawling) we are starting to see the same busy boy we saw in the early ultrasounds, before he ran out of room. The same busy boy that the ultrasound tech always had to chase all over to get measurements on.

Raising a boy is totally new to me. Not that I have ever raised a girl before, obviously, but girls I feel like I know a little better. Besides the fact that I AM ONE, I grew up with four sisters, and three of them were younger than me by five, seven, and nine years respectively.

Perhaps that's why having a son has always intrigued me. Truth be told, I have always hoped I would get to have a little boy. And now - glory to God - I get to have both. How lucky am I???

Recognizing that parenting is the most important job I will ever do, and that raising boys is totally uncharted territory to me, I ordered and started reading this book. And while I am only half way through it, and wouldn't say I totally agree with everything written, it has been incredibly insightful in proposing the theory that boys -and men- are designed to adventurous.

So, in the years to come, when I walk into our living room and find my son poised to jump off the coffee table using only his underwear as a cape, or scaling the bookcase (fear not, it's already bolted to the wall) to slay an imaginary dragon, hopefully I will not be back here writing posts that contain questions like "why is he so crazy?" or "what on earth would possess him to do such a thing??"

Hopefully I will remember that curious, adventurous, and wild at heart, is exactly how God created him to be.

Here's to the first of many, many goose eggs.


Stephanie said...

Love it.

Boys are fun.

I'm sure girls are too - I'm about to find out! - but for four years I've been hanging out with little boys, and they are SO FUN.

I also really enjoyed James Dobson's Bringing Up Boys. Theologically and politically I tend to avoid James Dobson, and I did skip a few paragraphs from the book, but it just talked about things like hormonal changes and what little boys need in their daily lives, what's appropriate to expect from them, etc. It was good information, for the most part.

ashley said...

I totally understand!!! I grew up with 2 sisters, with a daycare in our house that had more girls than boys, a niece by the age of 14... I GET girls...boys are a mystery. Toys for girls are easy... DOLLS...and crafts... boys... what do you get boys?! My 13 month old is at the stage that he is climbing on EVERYTHING!!! Even the baby gate...which he managed to pull down resulting in a bloody nose... oh the joys!

Lauren said...

Awww poor little Luke!

Aunt Carol said...

That's a good thought to keep in mind for Luke- but you may well find it can easily apply to an Exersaucer-loving-girl-who-is-a-lot-like-her-mother as well.

Love, Aunt Carol

Mama Leesh said...

I've been stalking your blog for a while and just had to comment on this one! I too had no idea about raising a boy as I am one of two girls. I now have a 18 month old boy, and after spending the past 2.5 hours at the ER I can tell you that everything they say about boys is true!
We've had a skull fracture at 8 months (learning to stand and a "helpful" big sister dont mix!!) and in the past week we've had his first ever dose of anitbiotics for the fat lip he got falling over after standing in a block trolley, two days later an ambulance trip after falling over and cutting his wrist on some shelving outside, add the two follow up visits to the ER for a dressing change and now a day later for new antibiotics for the puffy hand!
Boys will be boys! You cant stop them, but you can love them! Hope your adventures are a little less extreme!

Vanessa's Dad said...

I am BOY. Hear me ROAR... Crash!!!