Thursday, November 18, 2010

Not so fast...

Remember the other day when I said we had turned the corner towards a healthy family?

I spoke too soon.

Didn't knock on enough wood.

Whatever cliched phrase you want to use.

Last night a little before midnight, Lucas woke up vomiting.

We thought maybe it was just the (shredded) chicken he tried for dinner, but then he proceeded to vomit and dry heave all. night. long.

Our poor baby.

Dave took the first shift with him, and I took over at 3:30am.

When at 5:15am he hadn't dry heaved in an hour, I decided to nurse him (I was terrified of him becoming dehydrated). Fail. 10 minutes later he threw up EVERYWHERE.

I called the advice nurse, who confirmed it just sounded like a stomach virus. No fever. Need to keep him hydrated. Try juice cut with water, one teaspoon every five minutes. After four hours of no vomit, nurse for five minutes.

I asked her why our sweet boy has been getting so sick lately??? It's really beginning to worry me. Her theory is that his immune system is just compromised from the first illness he got 2 1/2 weeks ago, and so he is just catching everything else easily.

I am trying to trust in that.

Honestly even though I am exhausted today, I am just so relieved he woke up. I am always worried they will throw up in their sleep and not wake up. We had a friend of a friend who lost their son (named Lucas, ironically) that way a few years ago...and it has haunted me ever since.

So, praying we have health in this house soon - especially with travel plans next week - but grateful for two babies that are alive and breathing this morning.

And for strong coffee.

Was that last part glib? Sorry if it was. I am tired.

Oh, and approx 20 minutes after I hit publish, Abbey spewed all over. Lord have mercy.


Stephanie said...

How's Abby?

Vanessa's Dad said...

Lord, have mercy, and patience, and healing, and strength, and persistence, and even a sense of humor to help weary parents through the overwhelming task of taking care of sick babies.


Aunt Carol said...

The joys of parenthood! Hope Luke (and now Abbey) are feeling better soon.

Love, Aunt Carol

Heather said...

Oh girl. So, SO sorry. I feel like someone in this house has been sick constantly (It is me right now) lately, too, but you all have had it much, much worse. Saying a prayer for wellness for you. And strength. And more strong coffee. :) Which is not glib...just real.

Cool Grandma B said...

This is Dad. I'm at "The Springs." I just had dinner with CoolGrandma B, and we're playing with the computer.

and Cool Grandma B

Linda Lee Brown Ayers said...

I can come up on Saturday if it will help. I love you.