Monday, November 22, 2010

Headed to the Dr today

I called the pediatrician this morning to just run down Abbey's symptoms with her. Still spitting up (even 40minutes after eating and no jostling). Sleeping terribly (not that she's ever been a great sleeper, but this is ridiculous). And soooo fussy. Well, some of the time. It's the strangest thing...she will be happy and smiley one minute, and then in an absolute panic the next. She just FREAKS out, starts panting and crying and reaching for me. The first time I saw it was Thursday morning, she was just playing on the floor all fine and dandy, and then just panicked. She acted as if the Devil himself was coming after her. It was awful to watch. I picked her up and consoled her, and she was fine. About 20 minutes later it happened again, and that's when she threw up for the very first time. She was then sick most the day, and up all night throwing up and dry heaving. The last time I remember her *really* throwing up was late Friday night, but she's been doing this thing where she throws up a little in her mouth, and then swallows it back down. Gross. Poor little girl. She has been waking up in the middle of the night, both panicked and screaming, and also just happy and cooing. I am at a loss. Also, sometimes she can be very easily distracted during these freak outs, and other times she can't.

I feel like it could be just this GI bug still working it's way through her, or there is a small chance it could be temperament...she has always been strong willed. But I am also feeling like there is a panic in her cry and on her face that isn't just temperament. Perhaps she is scared because she had never thrown up before Thursday morning and now she freaks whenever she feels like she might? I don't know. Or maybe she there is a chance she has developed some reflux triggered by this bug, as my Wise Mama Friend Stephanie suggested.

Hopefully, the doctor will have some real wisdom and insight today.

I am really praying that she does. Will you pray she does as well? Thanks.

If it is temperament, I am willing to look at holding some stronger lines with her...but I need to know she is ok first. I need to know she isn't hurting before I put my foot down a little stronger than I usually do.

So...I am casting my lots on a pediatrician today. Ours isn't available, but the one we are seeing is the same one we saw for Luke's strep, and she was wonderful. And, it's clearly the one God wants us to see today.

Now I just need to keep my expectations realistic. I find myself daydreaming that she will give us some magic prescription that will heal my babies - and my husband and I - fully. Or that she will be examining them and find some reset button she can press and my sweet, happy, never-been-fantastic-sleepers-but-sure-slept-better-than-this babies will be returned to me.

I know, I know...dream on dreamweaver.

But seriously, we are at our wits end around here. One baby or the other was up at least every hour last night. Luke would cry out and not be able to put himself back to sleep, which normally he is pretty good at. And it wasn't a "I'm awake and I don't want to be!" cry, it was a "I am uncomfortable!" cry. And Abbey went between waking up screaming and just waking up cooing and just being awake. But the most maddening part was the in between, when both babies were actually asleep, and David and I would just lay in our bed wide awake. I've deduced it's some strange survival instinct. Your body/mind decides it's less frustrating to just stay awake then to have just fallen asleep and get woken up again. You can't convince yourself otherwise.

So- headed to the dr's today, hopeful for some good advice/tips/answers as to how to get back on the road to health.


Stephanie said...

That sounds a little like reflux to me ... I'm curious to hear what the pediatrician said.

Some of the best mama advice I ever got came from another blogger, Missy from It's Almost Naptime - she told me that you will KNOW what your child "gets it" and it's time to be firm. Until then, it's okay to respond, or just redirect, without being afraid of "spoiling" her. That was great advice. There was a point when Asher was about 15 months old when I saw it in his eyes, and I thought, oh my goodness child you know exactly what you're doing. After that, it was easy to know how to respond, and how to be firm. Before then, I just couldn't, because I couldn't be sure he didn't need something.

Once Upon A Time said...

Oh dear, I hope you got exactly what you needed from the dr. We just had a run-in with the flu too, and so I understand one tenth of what you've been dealing with- I simply cannot imagine it sticking around for so long!

Linda Lee Brown Ayers said...

Kendra. Praying the doctor gave you some answers. I love the re-set button idea.

It could be anxiety....unfortunately.
Babies develop stranger anxiety and also anxiety over being more aware that you can move away and they can move away. It's kind of like separation anxiety only it seems more mental.

Praying for you! These babies are so blessed to have you two as parents and Auntie Natalie around, too.

Aunt Carol said...

Hope your dr visit gave you some reassurance and that everyone starts getting better sleep.

Love, Aunt Carol

Acker Family said...

Oh my goodness your poor family! I pray that you got some answers/encouragement from your doctor! You are doing a great job as those sweet babies' mama!! Keep us updated!