Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tales from the Crypt

While all four of us are still exhausted, achy, tired, have small appetites, and are extremely fussy, it is worth noting that not a single being - neither human nor feline- puked in this house today.

Well, for the most part. Abbey still is doing a glorified spitting up thing, and seems to be really upsetting her. I am going to call the ped tomorrow and discuss it (thanks for the tip Stephanie).

I will be honest in telling you that I am terrified to even write those words. It feels like any time I claim victory in illness, more defeat quickly follows.

Lord, let me be wrong.

Also, of note, David has lost 10 pounds in the last few days.

Ten. Pounds.

So, trying to find the positive in all this, I stepped on the scale today.

Guess how much weight I've lost?

Not one pound.

That's right. After completely emptying my stomach, and only eating 7 pieces of toast, 3 fruit juice Popsicles, and (today) braving 2 small bowls of Corn Flakes - that's it for the last three days- I have not lost a single pound, thus confirming my suspicion that I am one of those breastfeeding women whose body clings to those last 10 pregnancy pounds as a survival thing for making milk. That's got to be it. I can run and watch what I eat till the cows come home, but it appears these 10 pounds are hanging around for awhile.

Not that I really care about weight right now. I'd much rather have extra weight and be feeling well enough to enjoy a Cheeseburger and add to that weight. Much rather.

Back to the Crypt...


Kaycee said...

SO glad to hear that there is progress toward health in your house! I hope everyone keeps getting better until you are ALL totally well again! You certainly have had quite a crazy situation.

Also, I was one of those women too. Everyone I talked to said how one of the great side-benefits of breast-feeding was eating whatever you wanted and not gaining or eating normal and losing weight easily. Yeah not so much. My body on breast-feeding? HANG ON TO EVERY CALORIE QUICK! I swear I could have not eaten at all, ever, and still maintained or GAINED weight. I did actually gain weight while eating a reasonable diet that was lower in calories than recommended (not by much as I didn't want to lose my supply) most of the time! Of course that's not the most important thing. But it is annoying. Super annoying. I feel for you!

Lauren said...

I hope the puking is gone for good!! And I was just reading about extended BFing and apparently some women hang on to the weight during the first year but during the second year it melts off. Even stubborn fat pockets they've had for years melt off during the second year.

Intriguing, yes??

Aunt Carol said...

At this point, a puke-free day must feel like Christmas!! Happy to hear there's some progress at the Hoffman Infirmary.

Love, Aunt Carol

Heather said...

Bless Your Hearts!