Sunday, February 7, 2010

31 Weeks

Wow....that is SOOOMMEEE Belly!!

Those aren't the most flattering pictures of me, they were taken this afternoon after Church AND a trip to the grocery store on SuperBowl Sunday (can you say chaos?!), so I am exhausted here, but still happy =)

We are now 31 weeks pregnant, and so thrilled to have made it this far! We had an appointment on Thursday, and everything still appears to be going great. We had another growth ultrasound to check out the wee babes, and they appear to be doing PHENOMENAL.

Luke is coming in around 3 pounds, 14 oz, & Abbey is coming in around 3 pounds, 11 oz.


And Momma is coming in around...

(If you seriously thought I was going to post my weight there, I would like to say Hi and welcome to my blog...because you MUST be new here if you ever thought THAT was gonna happen!)

But I will say I am up 30 pounds. My doctor says they expect a weight gain of 40 to 50 with twin pregnancies, so I am pretty much on track. I do go visit her every 2 weeks now, and every 2 weeks I am up another 2 pounds, so I appear to be averaging about a pound a week!

The babies were both measuring great, and all their organs looked right on track too. They were both practicing their breathing, which the tech said is a great sign that things are going well.

They both were just as cute as ever too!! Well, what we could see. Little Miss Abbey Mae did NOT feel like giving us a glimpse of her face AT ALL. She would not roll over for anything. She was moving plenty, but just would not give us even a glance at her pretty face. Oh well. I told a co-worker later that day "my daughter does not preform". If she doesn't feel like doing something, she just doesn't!

She may or may not get that from her mother.

Ultrasounds at this stage are just incredible. It wasn't the 3D kind, but still we were amazed at what we could see! Both babies had skin rolls on their backs and cute =). And Luke had some CRAZY hair! It looked so long just floating around in all the fluid.

He was a busy little boy as usual, and did plenty of little tricks for us. Including sticking out his tongue a bunch, and at one point even licking his arm! It was so funny to watch!! He just laid there and licked his arm for awhile...silly boy. Almost every time we see him, he moves one of his arms up over his head and poses like a monkey for us, it's so cute =).

His feet are still appearing clubbed, and we have an appointment with his pediatric orthopedist tomorrow. We are not expecting much out of the visit, as it is just purely a meet and greet. He won't be able to tell us much until Luke is actually here and they can xray his little feet. We do know that we have seen his feet moving and him wiggling his toes via ultrasound, so that's a good sign that perhaps the clubbing isn't too severe.

During Church today, our pastor spoke about prayer. He read scripture from Luke 22:42 where Jesus prays "Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done." This is the prayer Jesus prays before he was crucified on the cross. He knew what was coming, and was asking God to spare him this torture if possible. Pastor Steve was saying that Jesus - being all knowing - knew even while asking that God would not take the cup from him, but that it was His will that Jesus die on the cross. But yet he still asked. Why? Because it was the cry of his heart at that time. Pastor Steve pointed out that often we know the Lord isn't going to do a particular thing for us, but we ask anyways, because it is the cry of our heart at that time.

I guess that's the best way to put how I feel about our son's feet. I ask the Lord all the time to just correct them in utero. I ask that our son will be born, and that the ultrasounds will have been wrong this whole time. But the bottom line is, I feel that they are not. I feel in my heart that although I have no doubt in the Lord's ability to heal Luke's feet before he is born, He is not going to.

And that is honestly ok with me.

I still ask, because it's on my heart, and if I could have my way that is what I would choose. But I can't, and ultimately I am still just so grateful this is something so minor.

I am so grateful he even has feet.

I am grateful he is a healthy little boy, and appears to be happy...he is so busy all the time! I am grateful this small disability will be 100% treatable, even if that means lots of appointments and casts and even a possible surgery. I still thank God it can be fixed, especially before it ever gets in the way of his walking or running or jumping.

In the grand scheme of things, it's so small.

It's such a miracle to me that pregnancy even occurs, and that so many babies are born as healthy as they are. I am still so amazed every time we go in for an ultrasound. I see these babies...and their spines, and their bladders, and their kidneys, and their brains, and their beating hearts...and I am in awe. All I do is eat more, rest more, take my vitamins, etc, and two humans are forming inside of me.

It is an incredible thing.


Anonymous said...

Wow - soo freakin' excited for you!! About club feet - really, so treatable - even if Luke needs surgery to fix his feet, it won't slow him down! I used to work at a Shriner's hosp, and saw lots of club feet fixed - praying that his feet will be just fine at birth, but if not, it'll still be just fine!

Faith said...

So very incredible!! You look great. Praying for you and those precious blessings you are carrying!

Jenna said...

I'm just so stinkin excited for you and those precious little miracles! You are looking great I might add!

Heather said...

You are such a sweet encouragement and an example of faith, my friend!! I am just so HAPPY reading this!! Praying hard for those babies!!! OH- and e-mail me your address so I can send their goodies!! :)

Stephanie said...

Wow, Kendra, you are REALLY pregnant.

So exciting.

I gained a lot of weight with both of my (single) pregnancies, and lost more than I gained both times. I'm glad you're not getting too stressed about the weight gain (I know it's never exactly fun to watch those numbers climb up up up), because it really is only temporary.

I don't know anything about clubbed feet, and considering that I have worked with babies with disabilities for almost ten years, that's saying something. It is obviously so curable that children who've had it don't even come across my radar. I'm glad that you have peace about it.

the name's emily. said...

Hahaha I'm so excited to meet my niece and nephew! It sounds like Abbey is following right along with the stubborn little girl gene that seems to run in our family :) I mean, come on. Look at Cadence!! :)

Alexis said...

Love it!! Love them!! Love you!!

I've made a present for both of your little miracles. If you wouldn't mind, I'd love to send them to you if that's okay. Get back with me and I'll get them out to you, okay?

Vanessa's Dad said...

Very exciting.
Grateful, overflowing hearts.


Lianna Knight said...

Girl....I literally said WOW out loud when I saw your pic. But NOT in a bad way. It is just so amazing to me that God can transform your tiny little body to hold those precious miracles.

I know you are so THRILLED to be at 31 weeks and I am THRILLED right along with you :)

Heather said...

You look great, Kendra! That weight gain is commendable! I probably had you beat bith times, and I was only growing one human! :)

Aren't you getting so SUPER excited!?!?

Lauren Kelly said...

This post was just beautiful and you look amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Lori said...

It is so amazing! I am also in awe of how a baby can grow. That is evidence of what a mighty God we serve. I will be praying for you and for Luke, the Lord does perform miracles everyday!!


Rebekah said...

What a great perspective to have, momma! That is what I tried to do too while I was pregnant. IT IS A MIRACLE and so many people would give anything to have a baby! And you have two! So amazing! You look great, by the way!