Tuesday, February 16, 2010

32 WEEKS!!!

First of all...WOW...thank you so much for all your sweet comments and emails regarding my last post. I am really touched by how many of you came out of "lurking" to say hello and share your stories with me. It meant a lot to me!

And now for another overdue post: (this one only by 3 days though=))

I am officially 8 months pregnant!! YAHOO!!!

Here is what Babycenter.com says our twins look like at this time...

(Seriously, like she could hold up a stomach like that with a backside that small. I don't think so)

And this is what I look like at 32 weeks:

Now THAT backside can support a big stomach! HA!

In other pregnancy news, I had my first contractions Sunday night...EEK!! I am so not ready to be having contractions. They made me really nervous. They came and went throughout the night, and I saw my doctor Monday morning. She said what I described to her is very normal and that frankly she was surprised I hadn't started having contractions sooner. She said they may come and go for awhile before actual labor begins, but to watch them closely and if they increase in consistency or intensity, or don't go away after awhile, to call her right away. She also put me on partial bed rest, so now I am not going into the office at all, but working only part time exclusively from home.

I was very reassured after my visit with her, and have only had a few contractions since then. But I do want to ask you all to please pray our babies and my body can hang on for at least 3 more weeks!!! We have been so very blessed with a drama free pregnancy so far, and I am just praying it stays that way for a little while longer.

And lastly, this weekend I got the sweetest package from my dear friend Heather. I got misty eyed when I saw the "Faith Baby" onesies...I have wanted those FOREVER. And she also sent these super cute note pads. One is a "Babysitter's Checklist", and then 3 weekly calendar note pads, which I think will come in VERY handy as we try and keep track of things in our soon-to-be-chaotic lifestyle!

And Heather sent the sweetest card ever, written to Luke and Abbey. I saved it and put it in their baby box. Someday I will sit them down and tell them just how many people prayed for them before they were even conceived. Many people whom they will probably never meet, some whom I may never even meet this side of Heaven...but sweet friends none the less.
God's family is just so amazing.


Heather said...

Wow, you really do look great. And, strangely just like the little animated picture in profile! ;)

I have been meaning to sit down and write you a thoughtful email on your last post, and I will. Just know that I am so thrilled for you guys and firmly believe that this pregnancy was a precious gift from God, no matter the path that led you there. It makes me angry that people have such negative, thoughtless reactions, but we all transgress and I can only hope it will become a learning experience for them when they ponder your reaction to their comments.

I will be praying for your comfort these next few weeks (even if you can't bring yourself to "complain") and that those babies hang on a bit longer. Thanks so much for the updates- I think of you often!

Emily said...

You made me laugh out loud with your "backside" comments. :) Just prayed for 3 more weeks!

Family of 5 said...

You have made it so far! What a blessing! My prayers will be continued as you finish carrying these babies...inside you that is, and also as you begin the new journey as carrying them with your loving arms! I can't wait to see these two! :)

Lori said...

I think your backside looks just fine, that sample picture was unreal. I am not even pregnant and my backside is bigger than that! HA!!

That is so crazy to see how two babies are positioned in there! It is truly a miracle. I will continue to pray for you and your babies!! 3 more weeks!!

Jenna said...

You are the cutest pregnant girl EVER!!! Seriously, you are darling and the joy is just all over your face. I loved reading the post below and just praise the Lord for the miracle of those sweet little babes! Praying for you!!!! Love you girl!!

kriswalls said...

YEAH for 32 weeks! We’ll pray they just keep growing! Hope you are able to get plenty of rest in the next few weeks (if you can still get comfortable) your life is about to get very busy! And very exciting :)

tara said...

still laughing at her backside! ha! mine wasn't that small when i was pregnant with just one! :O
praying these last few days/weeks will be peaceful and uneventful. Enjoy some quiet time with your husband, you guys are going to be blessed beyond measure very soon! can't wait to follow along with your new family of four!!