Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm handling it.


The move - or lack there of - that is.

No, we still have not moved.

BUT, it is truly looking like we may actually really close next week.

Which is awesome, because we have been mostly packed since...ya know, NOVEMBER.

MOST the time, I am able to really just release control about it, and remain relaxed trusting in the Lord's timing...

But every once in awhile, I have a meltdown about it.

And not a small one.

More like a giant-sized one. Like one where I get so worked up and whiney and high pitched that only dogs can hear me.

You know the type?

Well I had one of those meltdowns the other week, and David came up with a great idea of something that may help.

He put together the dresser/changer we had purchased from IKEA back in October.
It had been in it's box out in our garage since then, because we always reasoned that it would be easier to move it that way.

Well, easier before The Great Meltdown of 2010, that is.

Since he put it together I have had so much fun washing all the babies adorable outfits and snuggly blankets, and organizing the dresser.

Now if/when we do end up moving, we can just remove the drawers and move them just as they are.


And clean.


Oh, and can I just say I am totally in love with the smell of Dreft??? If it weren't so expensive, I would wash all my clothes in it as well and just smell like baby-deliciousness all day long.

And lastly, on a totally unrelated and more serious note, could you all please be praying for my niece Cadence and my sister Amanda and brother in law Noah? Cadence was admitted to the PICU today for pneumonia...poor little thing. And this gets even more complicated as she is in need of another surgery, and they can't even begin to discuss scheduling that until she is fully recovered from this.

Bless her sweet little heart.

Thank you!


The Writer Chic said...

I'm so happy to hear the (potential) good news about the house, and SO bummed to hear about lil C. Please let Amanda and Noah know our prayers are with them.

Vanessa's Dad said...

Thanks for asking for prayers for Amanda, Cadence and company.

We'll also be praying for you and your meltdowns, and David and your meltdowns. Actually sounds like you are coping well. Meltdowns are a way of coping. Assembling the dresser... even better.


Heather said...

You know what I am thinking of...when Monica has that meltdown about Ross picking on her when she was little and he says "Mon...Mon...calm down. You've gone ultrasonic!!!" hee hee! I am sorry about the house hold-up and I will be praying that you get in SOON. You are getting so close to baby time, girl! I can't wait to see those little cutie pies! OH-and Dreft is wonderful!

Lauren Kelly said...

YAY!!! The house news is such great news!
Praying, girl! :)

Jen S. said...

I'm so sorry to hear the move still hasn't happened. I'm sure that it's beyond frustrating for you. I hope it works out for you real soon.

Also, I will keep Cadence and your family in my prayers. I am very sad to hear she's so sick :(

Hugs and lots of love,

Lori said...

That was super sweet of your hubby! I would be the same way, I love to be doing things. I'm sure you were just dying to get things ready for the babies! That has to be hard to be packed up ready to move for so long. I would have had a few meltdowns I'm sure!

I will be adding Cadence to my prayer list. As well as yourself and the twins!!