Saturday, February 20, 2010

Updates all around

Thank you all very much for your prayers for Tony and Risa. Things are not completely squared away just yet, but it does appear they have been granted the approval to keep the kid's file a little longer.

This is a BIG answer to prayer, and PLEASE keep praying that the details can be worked out.


Remember awhile ago when I asked you to pray for my niece Cadence who was in the hospital with pneumonia? Well, she has been home for awhile now and is all recovered (thank you Lord!). She still is in need of open heart surgery for a valve replacement soon, and on Tuesday they are going to do a heart cath (angiogram) on her as a pre-op test. Could you please be praying for this procedure? Pray for Cadence, for the doctors, and for my sister Amanda and brother in law Noah.

In case you need a visual of whom you are praying for...
That's a pic from her recent hospital stay. Playing peek a boo with daddy. She is so darn cute I could just eat her up.


Yesterday I had the car seats installed and safety checked to make sure they were in properly. I had heard something like 80% of self installed car seats were put in incorrectly, so I thought I better make sure it's done right.

After all, they will be carrying our most precious cargo.

To see two infant carriers in the back of my Jetta was so surreal....babies...we are going to bring home babies!!

But in addition to surreal, it was also a little concerning....the lack of space that is. I had to have both the drivers seat and the passenger seat wayyyyy forward. When I got in to drive away, my belly was nearly touching the steering wheel! When I pulled into our driveway I called Dave to come out and take a look. When he got in to check it out, his knees were in his chest. For some reason, this struck me so funny that I laughed so hard I had tears streaming down my face and nearly peed myself.

Shockingly, David found it far less amusing.

I don't know why I found it so hilarious, as we were clearly in a pickle, but I did. After the laughing (again, only on my end) stopped, we both agreed reluctantly that a trade in is in our future. Everyone told us we would need a bigger car, but we were determined to make it work. Until yesterday, that is.


Guess what we are doing at 10:00am on Monday morning????


I know what you are thinking...SHUT THE FRONT DOOR you still haven't moved?!?

No, we haven't. And I am quite bitter about it, but I won't go on and on. Just happy to be closing before the babies head off to college.


And lastly, I had a quick check up yesterday and my doctor did a super quick ultrasound to check the fluid around the babies and guess what....

They are BOTH head down!!!


I know that they could still flip back, but Luke has been head down for months now, and Abbey finally joined the party. Since there is less and less room in my belly, I am hoping they both stay that way and I get to try a normal delivery.

It was so cute to see their little heads both right next to each sweet, sweet babies =).

Happy Saturday all!!


Mary said...

What good updates all around!! KEeping Tony and Risa in my thoughts, and hoping that the angiogram goes just as it should for Cadence.

CONGRATS on the house!!! Your ordeal sounds similar to ours. Put the offer in late Feb, finally moved end of June. Huge fiasco, but oh so worth it :-)

And awesome news about the babies being head down--Stay put Abbey!!

sarah kay said...

great post! i had to chuckle a little bit when i read about the car seats and having no room. when i was pregnant with our girls, we had a small nissan sentra. i had no problem as i am only 5' husband is 6'4. :) we had this same kind of incodent! hehe.

i will be praying for Cadence and i hope that she makes a quick recovery from all of this.

congrats on signing for the house and good luck with moving before the kiddos get here. im sure it will be fabulous!

take care, xoxo


Vanessa's Dad said...

I laughed. I cried. Can't say that I nearly peed my pants, but I wouldn't tell ya that, even if it were true.

HALLELUJAH we're "movin' on up!" (from "The Jefferson's", a TV Sitcom from the late '70's/'80's Can't wait to help ya move.

Can't think of a better reason to go car shopping. You guys have had pretty good luck with cars, so I'm praying God will continue to bless you with good vehicles, that will make you smile, but laugh at each other.


Emily said...

Good news all around! I was concerned about fitting Ellie's convertible car seat in our car rear-facing when we need her infant seat for the new baby, but it just barely fits! So we'll be able to keep her facing the back for a while longer!

Lori said...

Thanks for all the updates!!

I am so thankful that your niece is recovering from her pneumonia!! That is a huge praise. I will keep her in my prayers for her open heart surgery!

How amazing that they were able to keep the kid's files longer!! We serve an amazing God!!

I can see that you almost peed yourself when you saw your hubby all scrunched in that car. I had to imagine mine in the same position and that tickled me just thinking of it!

I cannot believe that the babies will be here in just a little while!! YAY! And congrats on the house!!

Lauren Kelly said...

YAY!!!! So much good news in one post!!!!! :) Love you, Kendra. Got your sweet note in the mail. Thank you so much. Put a smile on my face.