Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

What a great weekend!! I hope you all had as great a Thanksgiving weekend as we did. We went down to Salem and were blessed to spend time with both our families. I ate waaayyyyy too much. Seriously. I had like 3 pieces of cheesecake both Friday and Saturday... for shame, Kendra!!!!!
Going to have to be extremely diligent in the dieting now because...Ahhhhh!! How did that happen?!? This is our daily countdown in our kitchen, and somehow, in between shoveling mounds of mash potatoes and rolls in my mouth I managed to forget that we were almost down to single digits!!!!!!!

But back to happier subjects, here are some pics from our Thanksgiving weekend.

Warning: Obscene amount of pictures to follow!
(Please note that said "obscene amount of pictures to follow...not obscene pictures to follow. Sorry to disappoint some of you. HAHAHAHAHA)

We had taken a few pictures before this, in which he put on his serious picture face. I told him it was Thanksgiving and he needed to smile big, so this is him being an obedient spouse. God love him.The husband and his mom. I seriously have the best mother in law in the world. I am sooo blessed!!
Dave's cousin Alex, brother Tony, and sister in law Risa.
Dave's other brother Peter, and our littlest nephew Jason.
My attempt at a self portrait with our nephew James. Not easy to do with a three year you can see =-).Uncle David tickling James =-)He is going to make such a wonderful daddy someday!!This activity was a favorite for both me and James. That is until he nearly took an earring out with some seriously aggressive brushing...

We had such a great time eating, playing games, and just spending time with David's family on Thursday.
So we considered ourselves lucky we got to do it all again on Friday with my family!!!!
Yes I do realize my dress looks like a maternity dress, and that I look 6 months pregnant. I assure you I am not. It's just the dress. And the cheesecake. And the mashed potatoes.Natalie and Emily.We missed you Amanda!!!!And a little more game playing...and some more...It's just not the holidays until you have someone you love buzzing you annoyingly in the ear!!

Hope you all had a very blessed Thanksgiving!!!!!


Mary said...

What a wonderful Thanksgiving!! We didn't play any games this year, other than some Guess Who. Always a winner with the 10 and under crowd...

And you look great--you'll have so much fun in Hawaii!

Amanda said...

I missed you too!!!!

Great pictures! The hair brushing story made me laugh out loud.

11 days until Hawaii, wow!! A little jealous, gotta admit that.

Vanessa's Dad said...

Thanksgiving is a wonderful family time. Thanks for sharing all the photo's.


Lianna Knight said...

Looks like you guys had a blessed week!!!

Wanted to share this verse with you...I read it yesterday and wanted to share it with all my mommy-want-to-be's :) Psalm 3:3

Monica @ Writer Chic said...

Aw! You look SO pretty -- and not pregnant at all. I love your Friday outfit!

Jenna said...

LOVED seeing all the pics. You looked so cute!! And it looks like ya'll had tons of fun which is always the goal! :)

And YAY for Hawaii in 11 days!

Heather said...

You look adorable- not pregnant- I love that dress!
So glad you had a good Thanksgiving! I am so excited for you about Hawaii- I have always wanted to go there!