Thursday, October 28, 2010

7 months (and one day)

A day late, but really this is only for my record keeping purposes, and when years from now I look back on this make-shift baby book, I shouldn't be surprised that my month-by-month milestone posts were often not on the 27th. After all, we stay fairly busy around here.

Since yesterday was all about surviving, taking pictures was not at all on my to-do list. So this morning we made that a priority =). It's been fun for Dave and I to see each month how much Luke and Abbey have grown each month when we compare with the past months. So much of their first six months (first three, especially) have been a blur, and when I feel down about that, I remember that at least I have done a *decent* job of documenting it.

So without further ado, our 7 month pics:

Luke's expression cracks me up...come on Mom, pictures again?!?

I know, it's blurry. But I can see Abbey's laughing face through the blur and I love it.

Finally, a Lucas grin =)

And you may have noticed that our sign is now being placed above their heads, because when I try and put it in front of them, this happens...

Lucas and Abigail, what are you up to at 7 months?

-Wearing size 2 diapers, moving up to size 3 as soon as this box is finished.
-Eating 3 meals of solids a day.
-Sitting unassisted like pro's.
-Grabbing at toys, passing them from hand to hand, shaking rattles.
-Going to bed around 6:45pm-7:15pm at night.
-Still getting up at least once during the night.
-Starting your day around 5:00am (Momma doesn't love this...)
-Making each other laugh (Momma loves this...)

Miss Abbey Mae...I think your biggest development this month has been your teeth!
You have two little bottom teeth that have poked through, giving you the most adorable grin your Daddy and I have ever seen!
Along with these pearly whites comes biting while nursing, which I haven't loved, but I think you are learning not to do this any more...fingers crossed.
You have become an excellent sitter, and will sit and play for the longest time. You can lean over, pick up a toy, and right yourself with ease. You sometimes will rock back and forth in a sitting position, and bob your's pretty cute =).
You are still fitting in 6 month clothes really well...such a Peanut compared to your brother!
You are starting to wake up so.much.happier from naps and in the morning, which is wonderful! You will often just lay there and coo or start babbling until we come in to get you. But even if you wake up crying, you are usually quick to become happy as soon as we come into your room. When I pick you up out of your crib, you have started to throw your arms around my neck and give me open mouth kisses on my face. My heart melts anew each time.
You have decided you no longer like bottles, and have been refusing to take them for a few weeks now while Momma is at work. This has made those afternoons a little bit more difficult for whomever is watching you, but when your mind is made up about something, there is no convincing you! (Some may say you got this trait from me...)
You love books and to be read to. I have to lay you down on your back and hold the book over you while I read, or you won't stop reaching for it to "explore" it. You will lay there for a long time and listen and watch with rapt attention.
You still love to be sung to, and your favorite is my version of "Jesus Loves the Luke and Abbey's".
You are eating solids much better now, rarely refusing to eat. Patience paid off.
When you lay on your back, you get so busy kicking your legs. Sometimes we hear you from our room kicking your legs happily in your crib. Your toes are still some of your best friends, and it's made diaper changes a little challenging.
Your smile still lights up a room, and you are getting less picky about who you show it off to.
You are a delightful daughter, sweet girl, and we love you more than words can express.

My sweet Lucas, you have really found your bounce this month! It's as if being in the Johnny Jump Up introduced you to your leg muscles. You will jump in that thing for.ever. You love it! And now that you have figured out bouncing, you bounce the exersaucer, on our laps, etc.
You have also been exploring with your voice much more this month. You babble constantly (your favorite's are "dadadadada" and "babababa") and you will sometimes just shriek for seemingly no reason at all, except to hear yourself =).
You have started to really, really, really belly laugh this month, and it is SO contagious! Your Daddy and I just love to make you laugh. You have found your sister hilarious recently, and this brings more joy to our hearts than anything else in the whole world.
You are sitting up so well, and just today I walked out of the living room to change Abbey and left you in a sitting position, and when I came back you were on your tummy with your legs behind you. You are going to be mobile before we know it!
You have recently moved to 6-9 month and 9 month clothes...and just like every other time I have switched out your clothes, I washed the newest size and held them up and thought "he will be just swimming in these...", only to put them on you and find them to fit just perfectly.
You are still a great eater, and will try almost anything, but you have really mastered the art of spitting food out. I know I shouldn't encourage this, but it's hard not to laugh when you do this. It's pretty hilarious. Food goes in, you make a face and spit the entire bite right back out. One motion.
You are such a sensitive little soul. The other day you and Ab's were in your high chairs, and Daddy ran at me and picked me up and started tickling me making a growling noise, and you just burst into tears. It took me awhile to console you and convince you I was ok =). Sweet boy.
You love anything that makes noise, and it's been so fun to watch you really understand cause and effect with some of your toys. You are so smart!
You are usually so happy when you wake up in the morning. You just smile from ear to ear when we come get you, and slam your legs (in one motion, both together) down on your mattress over and over in excitement.
You love to be held, and are still such a snuggler. When I am carrying you, you will often put your arm around my neck and give my back a pat. I love how affectionate you are.
You are a wonderful son, sweet boy, and we love you more than words can express.

Happy 7 months, sweet babies,


Vanessa's Dad said...

U R Blessed. Thanks for sharing.

Before you know it, the Kiddo's will be Out longer than they were In.


Vanessa's Dad said...

U R Blessed. Thanks for sharing.

Before you know it, the Kiddo's will be Out longer than they were In.


Lauren said...

What a nice post:) Noah does that leg slamming thing, too! Both legs at the same time. He started doing it at 2 1/2 months, I think. It's a pain sometimes, but it's hilarious.

Lauren said...

I just love these posts! They could not be any cuter!!!! :)

Once Upon A Time said...

A great update! It sounds like your two are very similar to my two. Love the story about Lucas crying out of concern for you. Awww. :)

Aunt Carol said...

Happy 7-month "anniversary" to these monthly update entries. I love them!

Abbey, Abbey, Abbey. A word of advice: don't bite the body parts that feed you if you want that connection to continue!

Love, Aunt Carol

Linda Lee Brown Ayers said...

Have you considered trying a sippy cup with Abbey? She may be done with a bottle. Just a thought. Amanda never took a bottle and went right to the tupperware sippy cup with the spout in the middle (dumb design).
Thanks for sharing the great pictures and I'm glad your illness was short lived.

Goodnight Tuesday said...

What a blessing it must be to have twins! and how lovely to have their growth documented. Congratulations on a lovely family.

Lori said...

7 months!! WOW!! They are getting so big! They are just the cutest ever!