Monday, December 27, 2010

9 months!!!

I hereby interrupt these Christmas posts (one down, two to go!) to write about the fact that my babies are NINE MONTHS OLD.

Can you believe it???

Me. Neither.

Here are our pics from our monthly photo session:

What are Abigail and Lucas up to at 9 months?

-you celebrated your first Christmas
-going to bed between 6:30pm-7:15pm
-getting up for the day between 5:00am-6:00am
-taking 2 - 3 naps a day
-eating 3 meals of solids a day
-eating more and more "grown-up" foods!
-wearing size 3 diapers

My little Lukey, you have become SO adventurous this month! I am pretty convinced you are going to give me gray hairs before I am 30. This morning you stunned your Daddy and I as you went from sitting to standing in one swift unassisted movement off your new chair. Then of course you nearly face planted (I caught you), but you didn't seem phased in the slightest. Lord have mercy. And you have become an absolute wild man in the exersaucer (see video below) or in the jump-up. You have started to "moon crawl" and it's hilarious to watch you scoot backwards with such precision and grace. What's even funnier is when you lift your arms and legs and move them about at a rapid pace...all while your belly is still firmly planted on the ground. It's like you know what needs to take place to make forward motion happen, you just haven't put all the pieces together yet. And when you do, look out. We have a feeling you are going to be allllll over the place!
You are a filled out little guy, with the same deliciously chubby cheeks you have had since birth. You have grown out of a few 9 month outfits, and it won't be long before I am breaking out all the 12 month stuff.
You are SUCH a charmer, and a flirt. Lord help me when you are a teenager.
You are returning to being a pretty good sleeper (*knocks on wood*) and have actually begun preferring to put yourself to sleep. The last two times I tried to rock you and sing to you to get you drowsy before nap time, you have wanted none of it and practically lunged for your crib! Once we lay you in there, you roll to your side and position your hands to receive your lovie. You have been sleeping really good for us at night, sometimes going 11 hours before we hear from you!!! THANK YOU SWEET BOY!!!
Naps are getting better too (*knocks on more wood*), you still have your occasional 30-40 minute nap, but you have also been having 1-1.5 hour naps too.
We think you might be getting ready to finally cut your first tooth! You have been a little fussier lately, and just the other day had your very first blow out diaper! And you have had a few more since then (this is very out of character for you!) It could be one of the many new foods we let you try over the weekend to LOVE food, and especially anything that Daddy and I are eating. You get SO excited when we share with you!! You started figuring out sippy cups a few weeks ago, and I dare say you've got it down now!
Speaking of you being fussier, last week you just seemed really cranky. I took you to run an errand with me and you cried the entire time we were in the car (this is unlike you!). I had noticed you tugging on your ear earlier, so I called your ped just to see what she thought. After asking a bunch of questions, she said it sounded very unlikely that it was an ear infection (no fever, no runny nose or cold symptoms, no tummy troubles -at that time!!) and that you were probably just teething or just being fussy because you are at an age where you are more aware of what you want. Sounded ok to me. Well a day or two later, Daddy and I are pretty sure we figured out what was ailing you. You were bored. And mad you are totally mobile yet. When I took you on my errands, every time we'd get out of the car, you'd be so happy looking around and taking everything in. In the car- crying. And when we traveled a few different places over the Christmas holiday, you were happy as can be and we never heard a fuss from you. You LOVED having all the new places to explore and people to watch. Back home in our living room - fussy. But now you have some new exciting toys, so that will hopefully tide you over until you master crawling.
You have started to show signs of separation anxiety, but so far not as severely as your sister has. Just beginning to prefer it be Momma that holds you if I am in the room, and not as quick to go to others as you used to be. But you are still very friendly.
You have earned the nickname "Distructo" around here, because you sure love to "explore" your toys vigorously. Your Uncle Tony and Aunt Risa got you a hammer and nail set for Christmas, and I only had to show you once what to do with that hammer and you were all over it. You love to bang things together, and throw things! You've got quite an arm already!
Even though you are becoming busier and busier, you are still an affectionate little soul. You are so tender about giving kisses and hugs. We love this about you sweet boy.

My sweet Abbeygirl, you have mastered your giggle this month, and it has been a delight to watch and hear! You are so adorable with your petite little features, even your loudest chuckle is dainty =).
You are such a funny combination of dramatic and calm. You are the same baby who will sit in our laps for literally an hour and play with one toy, and then throw a tantrum when I take the remote out of your hands. Ha!
You are a very observant little girl, and you make the funniest faces as you scrunch up your eyebrows when you are taking in something new. Daddy often walks you around your room and explains things to you while I am nursing your brother at bed time, and he tells me that you really seem to take in all that he is telling you.
You are working on becoming a better sleeper (*knocks on an entire log cabin*). You have gone 11 hours without so much as a peep a few times, but you still sometimes wake up once a night and need some comfort before nodding back off. You go down for your naps and bed time SO much easier for your Daddy than you do for me. When he picks you up, and turns you into his chest, it cues sleep for you! You close your eyes and are nearly asleep before he reaches the end of the hall!
You are a good little eater for us. You usually let us know you are full before your brother does, but you are willing to try anything and rarely turn your nose up at new foods. Just like Lucas, you LOVE when we give you bites of what we are eating. I can tell you like being treated like a big girl =). You're favorite thing is yogurt melts, and you will pick those out and eat those first amongst a tray full of Cheerios or Kix.
Even though you are a good little eater, you are still a Peanut. You are in your 9 month clothes, but thin as a rail! I am pretty sure you have grown in length big time over the last few months, and I am curious to see what your measurements are at your 9month check up next week. Curious about your weight too!
You have been really attached to me lately, which means I don't get a lot of "breaks", but I really don't mind. I am so pleased to know that you have a healthy bond to me, and that I have taught you I will meet your needs.
You have started going from a sitting position to a crawling stance overnight. You still have one leg that seems to stay stuck, but I have a feeling it won't be long before you figure that out. It seems like you wait until you are pretty sure you can do something before you try it out, I think this comes from being so observant. Just like when you started sitting up unassisted, you were a pro from the moment you first did it. You have started pulling yourself up on things from a sitting position, and even though you have yet to go from laying down to sitting up, Daddy and I decided it is time to lower your crib...just in case!
Here is some evidence:

Your favorite toy right now is my water bottle. You LOVE that thing. I give it to you and you could play with it forever! Your sippy cups however, you still just kind of teeth on. Oh well =).
You are such a pretty little girl, with such delicate features and still just a wisp of hair that only seems to be growing in length on the top of your head. You have beautiful eyes that light up whenever you crack a smile. We love your sweet smile and even sweeter spirit, baby girl.

Happy 9 months babies, we are so proud to be your parents.


Video of typical morning playtime at our house:


Lauren said...

"Knocks on an entire log cabin"


Aunt Carol said...

No place in your home is going to be safe from Wild Man once he is "free". What a wonderful video.

Love, Aunt Carol

Linda Lee Brown Ayers said...

It's only matter of time before Abbey pulls herself up on the side of that saucer and they bounce together:). Look to find Luke standing in his crib one morning soon.
Thanks for sharing.
love, mom

Once Upon A Time said...

Happy 9 months! Isn't it great how it keeps getting more and more fun around this age? So glad their (and your) sleep has been improving too!