Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More than blessed

Hello to all out there in Blogland!

I am behind on the blogging these days for many reasons...Christmas prep, enjoying more family time, and new "restrictions" for computer time.

Although there seems to be a lot to do, I sure do LOVE this time of year, and last night I did two of my favorite Christmas-y things at the same time : wrapped all our Christmas presents while watching cheesy made-for-TV Christmas movies. We're talking Hallmark Channel and ABC Family here. The totally predictable, Santa is real kind of movies. I love 'em. We've had Christmas music playing on and off throughout our days. I have the house as decorated as it's going to get, which isn't much but just enough for our 990 square feet.

Speaking of Christmas decorations, look what came in the mail today:
Makes me smile.

And family time has been in abundance lately, since David teaches and after he gives one more final tomorrow he is officially off work until early January. Can I get a Hallelujah??
We've been blessed with lots of extended family time too. My in-laws came up and played with the babies on Friday afternoon while I was at work so David could get some things outside done. Then later that night my sister Emily came up for a weekend of playing with babies, cooking, playing with babies, baking, watching Toy Story 3, playing with babies, and lounging around. Then yesterday my sister Natalie came over to play with the babies. We are so blessed to have such a loving family!

And about the computer restrictions...so...I saw a counselor the other week (no big issues - if you must know. I just like to check in with one every few years and make sure I am emotionally healthy. I see it as a physical for your heart & soul, and really, I think everyone should go from time to time...wouldn't the world be a happier place if we all did better to stay on top of our issues? Can you even imagine????????? But I digress, as usual...) and I was talking with her about my sleep problems (laying awake just waiting for the babies to wake up) and she said to avoid the computer an hour before bedtime, since it is a "stimulant". I have been, and it's helping me wind down much better before bed time.

But it's also cutting into both my blog reading and blog writing =).

I have added this book to my night time routine (are you so proud, Dad?), and I must say it is a wonderful note to end your day on. It reminds me to breathe a little deeper, and slower, and to take time to really finish my thoughts and focus on my many, many blessings. I like falling asleep with such thoughts on my mind.

Last night I was thinking about this past Sunday. We were at Church and we sang a Praise song that included a few lines that choked me up...

"hope which was lost, now stands renewed"

"my portion is You, and I'm more than blessed"

I know I have blogged about that first line before, but again, I am still just stunned sometimes at how the Lord has redeemed my heartache. I remember Christmas four years ago when we had just had our miscarriage, and then so many Christmases wondering if we would ever have any children, and now...a son and a daughter. It nearly takes my breath away.

I am so blessed.

More than blessed.

I mean, just look at these little faces...

God has been so faithful to me. Far beyond what I deserve.

And with that, I'm going to end this all-over-the-place post, and go snuggle in with my man and watch The Office (on demand) .

Here's to slowing down a bit, and enjoying your blessings.


Katie Hale said...

What a beautiful post. I think it's so easy to just speed through life and not take the time to remember how blessed we really are. And I totally agree with the counseling thing. EVERYONE could use that, even just once in a while. Your babies are just too cute for words!

Lauren said...

Cute, cute children!

Heather said...

Good for you for taking some time for yourself. I think I could benefit from a "heart & soul physical", too!

Every year, I tell myself that I need to slow it down, and I do the exact opposite, which inevitably lands me stressed and cranky, run-down and under the weather, and less than thankful, the exact opposite of what I want to be. This year is no exception. :(

Adorable pictures, Mama! The one of L in the laundry basket just about did me in. ♥

Lori said...

Such a great post!! I too feel so blessed, things can change so much in a a matter of minutes. God is so Good. There are many hard times in life, but for me I try to count my blessings which makes the hard times not seem quite so bad!

Aunt Carol said...

Slow is good. Can't stop and smell the roses at this time of year, but the smell of Christmas trees is pretty hard to beat.

Love, Aunt Carol

Kaycee said...

I adore the stocking picture! How fun!

I think it's a great idea to see a counselor from time to time even if you feel fine - I never thought about a mental health check-up like a physical health one!

I consistently love listening to how you approach your life. To look at the blessings and have such a happy attitude most of the time (of course everyone has tough days and needs to vent sometimes too, but overall you are so positive!) - it's inspiring to those of us reading. Keep it up. :)