Sunday, December 26, 2010

First Christmas!

Since we were traveling for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we decided to do our family's Christmas on Thursday.

The babies were already in their Christmas jammies from the evening before at Aunt Kay's, so we were all ready for Christmas morning=).

We started our day EARLY, as usual, but decided that "Christmas" couldn't happen until the sun was up =). So after the twins had gone down for an early morning nap, and woke back up around 9:00am or so, and David and I had each had a cup or two of coffee, we brought out their gifts and let them go to town!

Because they are only 9 months old, and because we knew they would be spoiled by grandparents and aunts & uncles alike, we decided to only get them a few things this year. We gave them each two of these books, and also gave them this chair , which had been in our closet since I was pregnant, but was new to them.

They went absolutely ape over the chair.

Don't believe me? See for yourself...

(Abbey left, Luke right)

We peeled them away from it for a moment to open their books...


And then it was back to the chair!


After presents we introduced our babies to our Christmas morning tradition of eating orange sweet rolls for breakfast.

(Daddy & Abbey)

They were fans for sure, and very grateful we shared...

The rest of the day was spent playing and relaxing and spending time as a family. We took the whole day "off" and didn't do a single chore around the house. David suggested we put in a season of "Friends" on DVD and just let it play throughout the afternoon, which of course sounded fabulous to me =). That night after Abbey and Luke went to bed, David made us hot cocoa and popcorn, and we watched National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.

It was a fantastic first Christmas as a family of four.


Vanessa's Dad said...

I am so glad you have a great Christmas as a family of four. It was GREAT to see you all.

Happy New Year,


Stephanie said...

Asher got that chair for his first birthday and played with it forever - all through his second year. He loved it! Glad yours did, too.

Lauren said...

Noah has that chair, but in an "older" version. He really likes it too. Except he climbs on it like a daredevil, and its not really meant for that! lol

The babies look adorable! I love that picture where Abbey looks like she's FREAKING OUT with delight!

Aunt Carol said...

Way to go.
Love, Aunt Carol

Once Upon A Time said...

Might have to get that chair... :)

Heather said...

What a FANTASTIC day!!! I have been dying to get on here and see the babies first Christmas!!! I love their pj's! I've been watching some Friends these last couple of weeks, too! Thinking of you and praying for you! Love you friend!